Funny Movies To Watch On Halloween

Tuesday, April 19 by Mallorie Greene

Funny movies to watch on Halloween lessens the darkness of the holiday as it is meant to hilarious with goofy ghouls and monsters whose biggest intent is to make everyone laugh. Each movies listed is forever classics and perfect to watch at Halloween parties, or home alone. These films will not give you the goose bumps and fear factor usually received from traditional scary films.  

  1. "Scary Movie 2" (2001) a sequel to its first one released a year prior, "Scary Movie 2" is one on the list of funny movies to watch on Halloween. Half of the characters return after being killed off on the original and a few more added which makes this movie as funny as the first. Anna and the gang are now in college and visits a spooky mansion where they meet a creepy man with a derange hand, a disabled guy in a wheelchair, and horny old pervert who enjoys viewing the female guests. Meanwhile during their stay, they noticed the mansion is haunted and weird, funny things begin to happen along with small spoofs from commercials and movies.
  2. "Beetlejuice" (1988) No one can ever get enough of this lighthearted funny movie with its horror theme. A happily married couple's life suddenly turn tragic after they both die from drowning and assuming they are still alive and well, find out their home is occupied by living humans who suddenly move in their home. After accepting their own demise, they befriend the daughter who lives in the house along with her parents, and the couple seeks hired help to get rid of the family by contacting a ghoulish specialist named Beetlejuice, who really seek to wreck havoc on the family, including fancying the daughter.
  3. "Gremlins 2:The New Batch" (1990) One of the best funny movies to spark up a Halloween night is watching "Gremlins 2: The New Batch." These new set of Gremlins are back and more vengeance as ever after hatching from poor Gizmo’s back and has personalities all of its own. The Gremlins once again create chaos this time in New York City, where Gizmo’s past owners Billy and Kate live to start their careers. Out of all the funny gremlins seen throughout the movie, only two steal the show, an intellectual green monster who speaks proper English and have the ability to shoot and kill and a "sexy" Gremlin who sets her eyes on a man she likes.
  4. "Ghosterbusters" (1984) Three men are sent packing from their amazing jobs as parapsychologists at a university. However they start a paranormal exterminating business in New York City, adding a fourth person to their team to get rid of ghosts all over town with the powerful Proton Pack, zapping the ghosts in the machine forever. The men soon realize ghost catching is not too much fun when they meet two people possessed by demons, a woman whose refrigerator is a portal to hell and her nerdy accountant friend. This funny horror movie is great to entertain every one of all ages on Halloween.
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