These funny movies to watch high range from silly cartoon movies to funny stoner movies to plain old funny movies. They are often hard to find through descriptions and movie reviews, but you just know them when you see them. The following funny movies will not disappoint you at all. 

  1. "Scooby Doo on Zombie Island". The original cartoon stoners are back and high as ever. Scooby, Shaggy and the rest regrouped in 1998 as adults with careers in the real world. There is no doubt that they are high as kites as they solve a new mystery involving the ghost of pirate Morgan Moonscar on a crazy island near New Orleans

  2. "Cheech and Chong's Next Movie". Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong share the stage with Pee Wee Herman in another great adventure. In this 1980 episode of the "Cheech and Chong" series, Cheech's cousin Red comes to town while Cheech is down in the dumps. Red and Chong go off on an adventure in a red Ferrari and lots of weed. Don't miss their big fight with Pee Wee Herman, a hotel receptionist who does stand up comedy on the side. 

  3. "The Muppet Movie". If you need a movie to watch while high, why not "Muppets"? Join Kermit and Fozzie in their rainbow colored studebaker as they reenact the story of how the "Muppets" met. Kermit and Fozzie journey to Hollywood to become rich and famous and meet up with all the others along the way. Frog leg chain owner Doc Hopper spots Kermit on a bicycle and decides to chase the bicycle riding banjo playing frog all the way to Hollywood. The "Muppet" gang signs a "rich and famous contract" in Hollywood at the end of the movie and the rest is history. 

  4. "Airplane 2: The Sequel". Flight weary Ted Striker regained an appreciation for flying in the first "Airplane" movie when he was forced to land a plane after most of the crew got food poisoning. In the sequel, Striker must fix a space shuttle that is heading straight for the sun. Leslie Nielsen and Robert Hays star in this funny 1982 movie that you must watch high. It's filled with stupid puns, psych gags and the most bizarre humor. Be sure to watch it high and be careful not to choke on your pipe. It's that funny. 

  5. "Young Frankenstein". Mel Brooks chose a perfect main character in this really funny movie. Gene Wilder plays the grandson of the notorious Dr. Frankenstein from the Mary Shelley novels. Dr. Frederick Frankenstein decides not to repeat his grandfather's experiments until he finds granddaddy's how to manual. Assistant Igor hands him the wrong brain, and the fun begins when the newly created monster runs away. "Young Frankenstein" is one of the most underrated funny movies to watch high. Make sure it goes on your list.