The funny movies of 2010 featured a menagerie of cartoons, family-ire comedies and some surprisingly humorous action flicks. Some of them didn't intentionally fall into the comedy category, but that's what happens when you get a writer who does more than shake salty language all over the script.

  1. "Iron Man 2": Robert Downey, Jr. simply had to play himself when he took on the role as Tony Stark of Stark Industries. Between deadpan expressions and dry, humorous wit, Downey had audiences laughing from beginning to end in this movie of 2010.

  2. "Shrek Forever After": Okay, so the fourth Shrek installment didn't quite stack up to the first three. But what's not to like about Rumpelstiltskin and his band of witches getting pummeled by some earwax-plucking, belching ogres?

  3. "Despicable Me": Steve Carell did the best he could with a script that was otherwise a little lacking for a film that was supposed to make for one of the funniest movies of 2010. But his Russian accent stole the spotlight, as did his despicable treatment of children.

  4. "How to Train Your Dragon": You can't deny that Gerard Butler's accent sounded a little too natural coming from a Stone Age Viking. But the adorable eyes on the dragon kept viewers' attention spans perhaps even more than Gerard Butler's name attached to the movie.

  5. "Date Night": As another Steve Carell movie that could've been funnier, "Date Night" still makes it to the list of funny movies of 2010 because of the humorous lines that caused eruptions of laughter. But really, Mark Wahlberg shirtless in a comedy? Not likely.

  6. "The A-Team": Liam Neeson and Jessica Biel turn just another action movie into an action comedy with witty lines that make you double over in laughter. But it's Mr. T's replacement that really steals the show in this reboot of the 1980's show.

  7. "Grown-Ups": If you've ever wanted to see Adam Sandler and Kevin James pee in the pool together, now's your chance. Because it's pretty funny to see blue dye showing where all they've been peeing when they're trying to get their kids not to do that very thing.

  8. "The Other Guys": Parts of "The Other Guys" were drop-dead funny. Others, like Will Ferrell's singing, are just plain painful, especially during his duet with the unlikely wife, Eva Mendes. Otherwise, it's one of the funny movies of 2010.

  9. "Red": You can't really take Bruce Willis seriously now that he's cracking jokes with a bald head. So you might as well see "Red" as the high-octane action comedy that it is.

  10. "Due Date": Robert Downey, Jr. makes the list again starring alongside Zach Galifianakis in a roadtrip movie reminiscent of "Planes, Trains and Automobiles." But once the humor wears off, you wish he's just get to his destination already. He's already gotten stoned, crushed in a car accident and shot in the leg - what more can go wrong? Don't ask.