If you're tired of the same-old comedy movies on cable and want to head out and rent something funny, consider some of the funny movies of 2007 when you are making your selection. 2007 was a particularly good year for funny movies and it features everything from hilarious animation to some of the greatest buddy flicks in a generation. The year 2007 even has a few very good funny movies that center around slapstick-style comedy, something that is very hard to do.

  1. "Superbad." Two extremely close friends have to come to grips with their differences when their plans for a house party fall apart. "Superbad" is full of memorable performances from both the main and secondary characters.

  2. "Hot Fuzz." After the success of "Shaun of the Dead," Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg combined forces again to create this hilarious take on action movies. Simon Pegg plays an overly successful police officer sent to a small town to keep his superiors from looking bad. While there, he manages to uncover a deadly plot by the town's inhabitants which leads to one of the best action sequences in funny movie history.

  3. "Blades of Glory." This is the story of two rival ice skaters who both lose everything, then need each other to get back on top. The plot sounds touching, and maybe for a second it is, but physical comedy wins the day with this movie.

  4. "Knocked Up." Judd Apatow strikes again here with this funny movie about a slacker who just happens to get a woman he has nothing in common with pregnant. The story then follows the two main characters as the pregnancy changes their lives.

  5. "The Simpsons Movie." The most highly anticipated movie of 1989 finally makes it to the big screen in 2007 The Simpsons gang gets thrown out of town after Homer contaminates the area, only to fight to get back and release the townsfolk who are being held captive.

  6. "Death at a Funeral." This funny movie looks at a family on the day of their patriarch's funeral. Nearly everything that can go wrong, does, as the family's failings are put on full display for all to see.

  7. "Balls of Fury." The crazy plot of this movie follows a failed table-tennis star at rock bottom who gets enlisted by the FBI to take down the man who killed his father. The movie culminates in a moving ping-pong match with each player's life at stake.

  8. "Juno." This movie follows the exploits of the titular character as her unplanned pregnancy changes both her and those around her.

  9. "Ratatouille." While technically a kid's film, this funny movie features all of the comedic gold you would expect from a Pixar film. The plot follows the rat, Remy, as he tries to fulfill his dream of becoming a master chef.

  10. "Shrek the Third." Probably the worst of the three "Shrek" films, this is still a very funny movie. Shrek spends the movie doing everything in his power to not become the King of Far Far Away.