This list of funny movie titles from the 90's is laugh out loud good. Of course what one person finds funny isn’t always what someone else finds funny. It is hard to deny these movies as being funny and entertaining, nevertheless.

  1. “Big Daddy” Adam Sandler as a father? Not exactly, though he does the best he can. This movies is funny, touching and one of the best movies of the decade period. Sandler plays Sonny Koulfax, a 32-year old law school graduate who lives off an old investment. Sandler adopts a five-year old to try and show his estranged girlfriend that he has matured. This is a really good comedy that touches on so many topics. Great acting and direction and the kid is just adorable. One of the better movies of the 1990s that showcases the comedic genius of Sandler and an over all feel good story.

  2. “Wayne’s World” Stupid is as stupid does and this slap-stick comedy is as funny-dumb as they come. Wayne and Garth are two lovable misfits that are just trouble looking for a place to happen. A witty but insanely driven comedy about the adventures of these two trying to make things happen for themselves.  If you want a laugh out loud comedy that requires little thought, then pull up a chair. Never has so much laughter and good times spawned from a basement. This movie made the public access folks think seriously about pulling the plug. A good time is this rowdy comedic film.

  3. “Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery” This James Bond spoof is a laugh a minute. A frozen spy from the 1960s is thawed out and placed into service in the 1990s. Austin is teamed up with the hot Elizabeth Hurley to stop the sadistic Dr. Evil. You either hate it or love and if you love it, you were rolling on the ground laughing until you puked. Mike Meyers personified as Austin Powers in a comedic bombshell of a franchise. Perhaps ne of the best comedic series ever strung together. It mixes witty humor with slap stick and just plain nonsense to stream together ninety minutes of fun.

  4. “Liar Liar” The 1990s was Jim Carey’s decade and then some. The list of his movies could fill this list alone but Liar Liar was a special comedic genius that is Jim Carey. This movie is about another failed father who learns his selfish ways and wins back his family, in this comedic roller coaster ride. Carey plays a wise mouth, fast talking lawyer who has lied his way to the top. Along the way though he lost his family to his own selfish lies and greed. He son makes a wish one day that his dad can no longer tell a lie and the ensuing madness is hilarious. This is Jim Carey at his best in both a comedic and at times a dramatic role.

  5. “Billy Madison” Comedic genius is Adam Sandler as a grown man going back to complete each grade of school one through twelfth, spending two weeks at each grade. This rich brat is in for the lesson of his life and those watching are in for the laugh of a lifetime. The madness and humor is outrageous as Sandler makes his way though school. The journey however is an eye opener and teaches a life lesson. The comedy is infections and the plot a fun idea. This movie is total tongue in cheek funny and entertaining as well.