Funny movie songs about relationships can surprise and delight us. In some of these movies, the funny songs are completely expected and fit right along with the tone of the film. In other movies, however, these funny songs about relationships seem to come out of nowhere. But in all cases, they couldn’t get more entertaining.

  1. "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" The film “10 Things I Hate About You” brings us this amazingly funny song. Sung by the great Heath Ledger, he serenades his love interest over the P.A. system while the marching band plays. While this is a great funny song about relationships, it also gets points for being such a sweet moment.

  2. "Age of Aquarius" This funny song was performed at the end of the movie “The 40-Year-Old Virgin." After the movie is over and the plot is wrapped up, the entire cas break out into this song for no apparent reason. However, the love formed between the former virgin and his new wife are widely featured in the some.

  3. "I'm So Ronery" Kim Jong-il, the clay-mation version, sings this funny movie song about relationships in “Team America: World Police.” While he’s a powerful dictator with an entire nation at his feet, the little clay Kim Jong-il just can’t help but belt out a few notes about how lonely he is without a relationship. Classic.

  4. "Up There" In the 1999 classic film “South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut,” we see that Saddam Hussein is in hell dating none other than Satan himself. However, the devilish little Hussein doesn’t quite give the big guy the emotional support he needs. In this funny movie song about relationship, Satan fantasizes about what it would be like to live on Earth with a supportive partner.

  5. “Prom Tonight” This funny movie song about relationships was featured in “Not Another Teen Movie.” In the song, the cast sings about prom night, their relationships and how they will change in the future. However, the lyrics are wonderfully satirical and wildly inappropriate, making this a funny movie song favorite.