Funny movie scenes from the 90's helped to produce some of the most quotable lines of the decade.  With comedians such as Chris Farley, as well as writers such as Mel Brooks, the 90's were full of great comedy moments.  Below is a list of some of the best.

  1. "Tommy Boy" - "I can't feel my legs!"  Trying to convince people to buy break pads from a failing company can be difficult, especially if you are as stupid as Tommy Callahan.  In this scene, Chris Farley's character, who has been touring the country with a coworker, is trying to convince a potential client to buy the Callahan brand break pads.  The client's office ends up getting destroyed, but it provides one of the greatest bits in the movie.  This hilarious monolog shows how idiotic he can be.  After destroying the model cars of a prospective client, all things go downhill, to a very funny end.

  2. "Rush Hour" - "I show you my crib." The comedy starring Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan show what happens when you mix two cultures that weren't supposed to meet.  While trying to get acquainted, Jackie Chan's character converses with the black cop, played by Tucker.  Mixing euphemisms, Chan comes out with this sidesplitting line, helping to make it incredibly funny.  Mixing ghetto with Chinese culture helps to produce some of the most funny moments in motion pictures.

  3. "Robin Hood: Men in Tights" - "We're Men in Tights" is a musical number from the Robin Hood farce.  Mixing the ridiculous with the absurd, "Men in Tights" helps to show what Mel Brooks can do with any number of movies, and musical numbers.  Serving absolutely no purpose in the plot, the Merry Men decide to break out in song and dance.  It shows men being incredibly ridiculous, while trying to be tough.  And it has a blind man dancing.

  4. "Toy Story" - "You're a toy." The whole movie is a compilation of great, funny scenes.  With each joke being just as good as the last, and appealing to all sorts of ages, from young children to seasoned adults.  One of the best scenes is Woody, voiced by Tom Hanks, trying to explain to Buzz, voiced by Tim Allen, that he is a toy. No matter what sort of logic is used by Woody, Buzz cannot seem to accept his fate.  Watching the toys get frustrated by Buzz's lack of common sense ends up being very hilarious, and provides a great "flying" scene. 

  5. "American Pie" - "Apple Pie Loving" In a film about losing your virginity is sure to have plenty of comedic moments.  With all the failed attempts by the college bound students, "Apple Pie Loving" is one of the most hilarious of the movie.  Told that sex is like "warm apple pie," Jason Biggs' character takes this literally, and gets caught by his dad.  Even funnier is the notion that it took the father and son quite a while to come up with the reason why the pie is gone.  Some people are desperate, but loving an apple pie brings it to a whole new level.