Choosing funny movie quotes from 2009 is far from impossible with the wide array of hilarious films that were released. In 2009, everyone from Adam Sandler and Woody Harrelson to George Clooney and Zach Galifianakis were in fantastically funny films. After enjoying these funny movie quotes from 2009, if you have not seen these comedies, stop depriving yourself.

  1. "Zombieland" - Columbus: "The first rule of Zombieland: Cardio. When the zombie outbreak first hit, the first to go, for obvious reasons... were the fatties." Columbus, a shy, frequently frightened young man played brilliantly by Jesse Eisenberg, follows a strict code for survival in this post-apocalyptic zombie-run United States. "Zombieland" was conceptually the most unique funny movie in 2009. It merged horror and comedy with memorable quotes like this one.

  2. "The Hangover" - Sid Garner: "Remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Except for herpes." Imagine your father-in-law giving out this find of advice right before heading to a bachelor party in Las Vegas. What makes this quote so funny is that it is implying that sex is definitely going to happen on their trip, and his daughter is the one getting married. "The Hangover" became not only the highest grossing comedy movies in 2009, but the most successful funny film ever.

  3. "(500) Days of Summer" - Tom: "What happens if you fall in love? Summer: Well, you don't believe that, do you? Tom: It's love. It's not Santa Claus." Tom is played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt form "Inception", and Zooey Deschanel from "Elf" stars as Summer. This 2009 critically acclaimed romantic comedy is about Tom's relentless love for Summer, who doesn't believe that true love exists at all. This hilarious sequent of quotes perfectly captures what these characters want and don't want.

  4. "Fantastic Mr. Fox" - "Ash: You should probably put your bandit hat on now. Personally, I- I don't have one, but I modified this tube sock." This funny quote from this Wes Anderson-directed 2009 animated movie even ended up in it's promotional trailer. Jason Schwartzman, who has been directed by Wes Anderson in "Rushmore", "The Darjeeling Limited", and the short film "Hotel Chevalier", provides the voice to the character Ash - a thieving fox. With deadpan, matter-of-fact delivery this quote captures the comedic style of this visionary film.

  5. "Funny People" - "Mark: If you don't have sex with Daisy in 10 days, I will." Jason Schwartzman turns in his second funny 2009 movie quote as Mark Taylor Jackson—a slightly arrogant actor and friend of Seth Rogen's character, Ira Wright. This quote is actually directed to Ira, who is interested in dating this girl Daisy that Mark is referring to. Mark clearly didn't get the memo about Ira's feelings toward her, or could care less.

-Jason Cuthbert