There were plenty of funny movie characters from the 90's, a decade where comedy stars like Mike Myers, Adam Sandler, and others perfected their personas and entered the pop culture landscape. Some funny movie characters from the 90's sprang forth from sketches on "Saturday Night Live," others from the minds of novelists whose characters were brought to the screen. Here they are, some funny movie characters from the 90's to look back at and laugh on.

  1. Billy Madison. The title character of "Billy Madison" is likely Adam Sandler's greatest creation, a spoiled, childlike character who acts the way we all have often wanted to when we don't get our way. As the heir to a fortune who must go through school again starting at kindergarten, he flexes his comedic muscles and provides juvenile antics the thirteen-year-old in us all can laugh at. He leads off our list of funny movie characters from the 90's.

  2. Wayne and Garth. The main characters of "Wayne's World" and its sequel are played by Mike Myers and Dana Carvey respectively. Rock and roll slackers from Chicago's outer suburbs, they have a local access TV show full of talk of babes and guitars that strangely becomes an overnight success. As the dudes cope with their newfound fame and find love, there are lots of laughs along the way. This duo are truly funny movie characters from the 90's.

  3. Tracy Flick. Reese Witherspoon stars as high school overachiever, a perky but cold-blooded go-getter, in Alexander Payne's satire "Election." Destroying her enemies with a smile and raising the ire of her shlub of a teacher, portrayed by Matthew Broderick in the antithesis of his "Ferris Bueller" role, Tracy Flick is truly one of the most funny movie characters from the 90's, because everyone knows and hates (and sometimes envies) someone just like her.

  4. Nathaniel Mayweather. Chris Elliott stars as the lead character in "Cabin Boy," a strange film with a loyal cult following that is one of the most off-kilter comedies of the decade. His naive, cursed character is one of the strangest funny movie characters from the 90's. The humor can't be explained, it must be experienced.

  5. Jules Winnfield. Samuel L. Jackson's philosophical hitman in "Pulp Fiction" closes out our list of funny movie characters from the 90's. He dispenses wisdom at the barrel of a gun and manages to remain charmingly hilarious the whole time in this twist on gangster films.

- Travis Petersen