Full of raunchy humor, beautiful actresses and some of the most hilarious writing in film, these funny college movies for guys include classics from the early days of film like the 1932 Marx Brothers farce “Horse Feathers,” as well as modern favorites like the 2006 comedy “Accepted.” Rife with naked coeds, pot induced antics, beer guzzling slackers and breakout performances from comedy greats like Rodney Dangerfield, Jeremy Piven and Will Ferrell, these films are sure to please the frat brother in everyone.

  1. “Accepted” This 2006 comedy involves a would-be college students who creates his own school after too many rejections from numerous accredited institutions. The film features funny performances by Justin Long and Jonah Hill, an exceptional performance by actress Blake Lively, and a hilariously sarcastic turn by Lewis Black as the fictional school’s dean, Ben Lewis.

  2. “PCU” One of the best funny college movies for guys from the early 1990’s, “PCU” follows a prospective freshman who falls in with a partying fraternity called “The Pit.” The film delivers hilarious performances by Jeremy Piven as the frat’s leader, Droz, great early performances by Jon Favreau and Jake Busey, and a classic appearance by funk legend George Clinton.

  3. “Revenge of the Nerds” An immortal campus comedy from 1984, this film gave power to nerds everywhere and chronicles the hilarious antics of a fraternity of nerds as they wreak vengeance on a group of taunting athletes. The film launched the careers of Anthony Edwards and Robert Carradine and featured great performances by Ted McGinley, Timothy Busfield, Curtis Armstrong, and John Goodman as the jock’s ruthless coach, Coach Harris.

  4. “National Lampoon’s Animal House” Considered among the best funny college movies for guys ever made, this 1978 farce was the first of many successful films inspired by National Lampoon magazine and follows the animalistic Delta Tau Chi fraternity. The film brought overnight fame to an amazing young ensemble cast including Tom Hulce, Kevin Bacon, Karen Allen and Tim Matheson.

  5. “Road Trip” One of the best funny college movies for guys in recent years, “Road Trip” follows a group of students seeking to reclaim an illicit videotape and was comedic actor Tom Green’s screen debut. The first comedy written and directed by Todd Phillips, “Road Trip” features a talented young ensemble cast including Breckin Meyer, Amy Smart and Paulo Costanzo.

  6. “Real Genius” This smart 1985 comedy about a 15-year-old science prodigy assigned to work on a classified laser project includes an early performance by critically acclaimed actor Val Kilmer as genius slacker, Chris Knight. Featuring witty writing, a hilarious climax and raucous college humor, the film also stars William Atherton as Knight’s vengeful nemesis, Jerry Hathaway.

  7. “Horse Feathers” One of the best funny college movies for guys ever made, this 1932 Marx Brothers classic finds Groucho as the headmaster of a prestigious school who will stop at nothing to win a coveted football game. Chico and Harpo are at their best as a pair of mischievous con men, while Thelma Todd shines as campus harlot, Connie Bailey.

  8. “Back to School” One of Rodney Dangerfield’s absolute best, this film finds the venerable comedian attending college in order to bond with his unpopular son. The film includes riotous stand-up style routines by Dangerfield, as well as an early performance by Robert Downey Jr. and Dangerfield’s close friend, comedy great Sam Kinison.

  9. “Old School” Another hilarious campus comedy from filmmaker Todd Phillips, “Old School” stars Luke Wilson as a hapless attorney who finds that his new house has been turned into a fraternity due in no small part to friends Bernie and Frank, played to perfection by Vince Vaughn and Will Ferrell. The film features Phillips’ trademark humor and features exceptionally funny performances by Jeremy Piven, Craig Kilborn and Elisha Cuthbert.

  10. “The Nutty Professor” This 1963 classic from comedy legend Jerry Lewis is arguably one of the best funny college movies for guys ever produced and tells the story of nerdy professor Julius Kelp who, through a special serum, becomes a cool, womanizing hipster named Buddy Love. A gem from the Beat era, the film was written, produced and directed by Lewis and featured a stunnin Stella Stevens as Kelp’s love interest, Stella Purdy.

-Joshua Duncan