These funny black movies of the 90's are classic films well received by movie critics and fans alike. The storyline and the antics portrayed in these movies are laugh out loud funny and deserved to be mentioned as a few of the best movies of that decade. Here is a list of black comedies that are worth watching.

  1. "House Party" (1990) One of the best funny black movies of the 90's stars rap duo Kid N Play. The movie center on Kid (Christopher Reid), a teenager who gets invited to a house party hosted by his friend Play (Christopher Martin), but later gets grounded by his father because of a school fight with three bullies. Kid manages to sneak out of the house but meet the bullies again; while trying to avoid them he crashed a reunion party, then go to his friend's party, meet a girl he likes and later try to get back home before his father finds out.

  2. "Don't Be A Menace to South Central While Your Juice in the Hood" (1996) Director Paris Barclay did exceptionally well with this 90's black comedy movie as he spoof serious black films "Juice", "Poetic Justice" Menace II Society", Boyz N Da Hood", Dead Presidents" and, "Higher Learning." The movie follows Ashtray (Shawn Wayans) who live with his teenage dad and schooled about street life in the hood of South Central by his gun crazy gun toting friend, Loc Dog (Shawn Wayans) and falls in love with Dashiki, a single mother who birthed several kids by different races of men.

  3. "Friday" (1995) Ice Cube takes on his first leading role in the funny black movie "Friday", playing unemployed 22-year old Craig Jones. A series of events unfold throughout the whole day, including Craig getting fired from his day off from work. He chills halfway in the day with his weed smoking friend Smokey (Chris Tucker) while they sit on a porch and watch the tough neighborhood bully Deebo terrorize people for their possessions. The two friends witness a midget throwing his wife out of the house after she is caught cheating with a minister(Bernie Mac) and in the meantime, Craig falls in love with an attractive young woman. Soon after, Smokey find himself in heaps of trouble after he owe drug dealer Big Worm money for smoking up his weed, while Craig tries to help him get the money before they get killed.

  4. "Boomerang" (1992) This black romantic comedy movie stars Eddie Murphy as Marcus Graham, an advertising executive and womanizer who enjoy bedding women then leave them. After a string of brokenhearted women left behind, he finally meets the woman of his dreams, Jacqueline Broyer (Robin Givens), who becomes his boss after he failed to get the promoted as one himself. Marcus begin to have strong feelings for Jacqueline and karma quickly comes his way as she leaves him and dry while he finds comfort with her good friend, Angela (Halle Berry). Graham must choose between the two after Jacqueline shows interest again. Grace Jones and Eartha Kitt also star in "Boomerang" and deliver funny performances.