The funniest movies to watch a date should truly be romantic comedies, not just movies billed as romantic comedies that are simply chick flicks with a couple of laughs. A true romantic comedy should focus as much on the laughs as the romance, that way the guy can be entertained as well as his date. The funniest movies to watch with a date have romance for her and laughs for both. Here they are, some of the funniest movies to watch with a date.

  1. "About a Boy." Hugh Grant, everyone's favorite lovable British jerk, stars in this film as an aimless rich guy who decides dating single moms is the best way to get what he wants from a relationship, a woman who puts out without a fuss. This situation backfires when he befriends the son of a woman he is dating, and winds up closer to the boy and to his mother than he ever would have imagined. Grant's affable jerk behavior provides a number of laugh, and the romance at the movie's core makes it one of the funniest movies to watch with a date.

  2. "Harold and Maude." One of the strangest, most oddly hilarious romantic films has young misfit Harold striking up a relationship with Maude, a woman old enough to be his grandmother. It is a dark, deep, strange film, but it is as oddly touching as it is laugh out loud, misanthropically funny, making it a good but odd choice among the funniest movies to watch with a date.

  3. "The 40 Year Old Virgin." This film from Judd Apatow, starring Steve Carell in the title role as a guy who just never got around to having sex, is a gross-out comedy on the surface, with a lot of great gags, but a romance at its core, making it one of the funniest movies to watch with a date. Side characters played by Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd provide many highlights outside of the main story, as a slacker and a love-lorn loser respectively.

  4. "Love Actually." This British film is a series of vignettes about love, some hilarious, like the story of two foley artists creating sounds for a porn film, and some deeply romantic. It is the perfect closer on our list of funniest movies to watch with a date because, since it is many stories in one film, if you're not enjoying yourself, wait ten minutes and there's a whole new story waiting just around the corner.