Looking for the funniest movies of 2009 to get out of your action flick rut? Robert Downey, Jr. makes the comedy list again with his deadpan humor, and a few cartoons even make it into the mix.

  1. "The Hangover" This movie is perhaps the epitome of "what happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas." Which is unfortunate for the guys in this funny 2009 movie.

  2. "Sherlock Holmes" Jude Law must babysit the incorrigible Sherlock Homes as he shoots random objects, kills his dog for the umpteenth time and gets himself in harm's way more often than he solves crimes. But he ends up bringing down the evil guy in black who keeps playing black magic mind games, so he ends up on top anyway.

  3. "Up" Who'd have thought a crotchety old guy would work so well opposite a fat kid in a cartoon? The two have great chemistry as they travel to South America in a flying house to find a long-lost aviator who turns out to be a really nasty dude.

  4. "Bride Wars" It's sad to see how quickly women will turn against each other for the sake of their wedding days - even in the name of comedy. This funny movie of 2009 proves that best friends aren't best friends forever if they make their weddings on the same date.

  5. "The Pink Panther" Jacques Clouseau is at it again. This time, he's falling out of the Vatican in the pope's clothing, wrecking a millionaire's mansion and dissing his girlfriend. Good thing he clears his name at the end, or there will never be a "Pink Panther 3."

  6. "Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian" Ben Stiller is still the night security guard at the museum. But this time, instead of picking up bite-size versions of Owen Wilson, he' fighting some Egyptian king with a lisp who seems to think it's the year 3000 A.D.

  7. "The Proposal" Sandra Bullock wants to stay in the US so badly that her character is willing to fake a marriage to an employee she doesn't even like for citizenship. Of course, the two of them end up falling in love, but there's plenty of speed bumps in the middle which make it rise to the top of the list of funniest movies of 2009.

  8. "The Ugly Truth" Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl butt heads as female-basher and feminist in what some might consider a degrading, almost sexist film. But Gerry's comedian character eventually comes around when he realizes he doesn't necessarily have all the answers.

  9. "Inglourious Basterds" This pseudo-WWII action movie wasn't meant to be so funny. But Brad Pitt's ridiculous Southern accent and Eli Roth's spastic bat-wielding executions made most of it pretty laughable.

  10. "Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel" Though there wasn't an original song in sight in this squeaky delight, the boys in hoodies did their best to squeak out the lyrics to some favorite hip hop songs while their girl counterparts shook what they've got to Beyonce and Sister Sledge. If nothing else, it still makes the list of funniest movies of 2009 for being so cute.