Broken bottles, destroyed marriages, and shaved pets are just some of the repercussions when discussing the funniest movies ever. There's going to be personal favorites and screams of objectivity as lamps are thrown but that just adds to the beauty of the search. So double tape your funny bone and open yourself up to the list:

"The Pink Panther" 

Peter Sellers at his comedic best. Here he takes physical comedy to surprising ends and easily predictable ends but makes both laugh out loud funny. When physical comedy transcends the old door to the face you know you have one of the funniest movies to ever exist.


Bill Murray and Harold Ramis bring the army to your living room and do their anarchist best to serve America. A almost non-stop Murray showcase, you can only add to it with John Candy tearing it up by getting torn down. A great anti-authority flick that lands every comedic punch it throws.

"Shaun of the Dead" 

Shaun and Ed bring a truly, madly, deeply friendship all while dealing with a zombie infestation. The interplay of Shaun's troubled relationship not just with his girlfriend but also with his stepfather while taking on a world that truly has turned against him brings this comedy to the list. You can fight zombies all day but keeping the love alive makes this one of the funniest movies around.

"Evil Dead: Army of Darkness" 

If you're not familiar with Bruce Campbell's work then it's time to study up. Not many actors can portray an arrogant, misogynist and have the audience rolling as well as rooting for him but Bruce carries it off with ease. Who knew the undead came with joke filled insides?

"Old School" 

A misanthropic fraternity guided by a triumvirate of older men looking to reclaim their youth sounds terrible at first but nails it out of the park. Fraternities are ample targets for hate but here it's converted to a beautiful comedic life transition as you get to see what Rush week could truly be. The scenes of acquiring the pledges will be a classic for a long, long time.


Who ever thought, "You could be funny" was equal terms mad man and genius. Chevy Chase burns bright and never crashes as he, Bill Murray and Rodney Dangerfield build their own concurrent themes of hilarity and deliver time and time again. A movie whose lines will be repeated by generation after generation.

"Brewster's Millions" 

A simple premise backed by one of the greatest comedic duos: John Candy and Richard Pryor. Candy keeps the laughs going even as he sincerely tries to protect his friend at all costs. Some great answers to the question of how to spend wealth that brands this as one of the funniest movies bar none.

"The Hangover" 

The world gets a big taste of Zach Galifianakis and the world likes it. Copious amounts of booze leads to humor and possibly jail time but this formula works as three guys rely on each other to find their friend. Formulaic but with a great cast that hits every pitch like it was t-ball, it earns a funniest movie nod.

"Out Cold" 

Some of the hardest laughs but under seen and under appreciated. One of those cliched ski resort type movies but with Zach Galifianakis and Bruce Koechner on board delivers some serious fall off the couch laughs. What other movie could call itself the funniest and not have a polar bear in flagrante delicto?

"The Muppet Movie" 

Not many "wholesome" movies can still hit with sarcasm and wit but leave it to puppets to bring it home. Kermit and friends bring life to cloth and take swipes at themselves and the world but manage to do it with charm and a ton of comedy. Not many children's movies can keep the adults enthralled as well but that's why this scores as one of the funniest movies made.