Are you curious about exactly what moments were the funniest movie scenes of all time? While there are many scenes which make audiences laugh, there are very few that can bring them to tears with their hilarity. The following five scenes are some of the funniest that ever graced the big screen.  

  1. There’s Something About Mary” You’ll never eat another hot dog after watching Ben Stiller getting himself stuck in the zipper of his powder blue prom tuxedo. Starting with his use of the bathroom, to his getting caught staring at his date as she dresses, to his date’s father barging in to help him release his “frank and beans” (which is caught beans above the frank), this scene can bring any viewer to tears with how funny it is. Ben Stiller’s bathroom zipper scene in “There’s Something About Mary” is one of the funniest movies scenes ever.

  2. Ice Ag.” Yes, it’s an animated movie, but don’t think that means it’s only for kids. The prime scene in this movie is the dance of the dodo birds when the main characters are trying to steal a melon to feed the baby they found. The moment when Sid spikes the very last melon on Earth like a football will catch you by surprise, and make you laugh out loud every time.

  3. Dumb and Dumber” Even though the entire movie is filled with hilarious scenes, it’s perhaps the newscast of the blind boy petting a dead bird that hits audience’s funny bones the hardest. The bird’s head is taped on, how can a scene be more ridiculous than that? The dead bird scene in “Dumb and Dumber” is one of the most hilarious movie scenes of all time.

  4. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation” Sure, we’d all like to go to our boss’s house and ream him out one time or another, but having Cousin Eddie do it for you in his blue leisure suit would be even better. And if it’s reported as a kidnapping and the police bust through the windows in your home, you’d be in even better shape. The kidnapping scene and aftermath scenes in “Christmas Vacation” are the funniest scenes ever in a movie.

  5. My Cousin Vinnie” When Marisa Tomei is bored, the results are hilarious. One of the funniest scenes ever in any movie is when she discusses hunting with Joe Pesci outside their cozy country cabin. The deer, its drinking from the pond and her biological clock come together to form one funny movie scene.