The funniest comedy movies for guys are the ones that keep romance to a minimum and amp up the crude humor and action. The ones on this list do both, so invite your best buds over for a laugh fest and man comedy marathon.

  1. "Happy Gilmore": What happens when Happy loses his cool? He starts swinging golf clubs around like hockey sticks. He also starts ticking off the country club members, which only compounds his anger management problems. But he can't keep up his act when a girl he likes doesn't approve of his behavior.

  2. "Blue Streak":  Miles Logan passes himself off as a cop to gain access to a police holding compound where his precious diamond was stashed from a botched burglary. But he has to play a real cop to fool the guys on the force when they take on a case from the FBI. In the end, his "partner" figures it out, but not before Logan helps nab a couple of drug kingpins.

  3. "Click":  Ever wanted to mute your nagging wife? Or fast forward through family reunions? Michael Newman does both in one of the funniest comedy movies for guys that will have you rolling on the floor laughing. But Michael soon reaches the end of his life and realizes he missed out on the stuff that's most important - like his daughter hitting puberty and his son graduating from college.

  4. "Nothing to Lose": Terrance Davidson and Nick Beam are two unlikely guys that carjack and kidnap one another until they finally come to grips with their situation and return home, where plenty of authorities are waiting for them at the end of this funniest comedy movie.

  5. "Get Shorty": Chili Palmer is a loan shark who comes to collect at Harry's place, where Harry is about to finish up the script for a promising movie. Chili takes over and strong-arms his way into the producer's role to get the bad guys off of Harry's back.

  6. "Sahara" Dirk Pitt and Al Giordino are after Civil War gold in the Sahara Desert where a Civil War ship was to have landed and sunk. The lovely World Health Organization official, Eva Rojas, gets tied up in their plans and ends up pulling her fair share of the work against African terrorists who are trying to kill them. In the process, they blow up a few boats, lead to a factory explosion and haul in a whole shipload of gold coins that were never meant to be found.

  7. "K-9": Officer Dooley needs a new partner. What he doesn't want is the German Shepherd his department gives him instead. This funniest comedy movie for guys follows the two partners through troubles in their love lives and a big drug bust.

  8. "Mr. Deeds": Longfellow Deeds just inherited a heap of cash. With a reporter trying to work her way into his heart and a line of guys trying to get his hands on his money, Deeds is just trying to do the right thing and keeps getting punished because of it. He ends up finding out that the reporter is only hanging out to get a good story and that his male servant is the only one to be trusted.

  9. "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure": Bill S. Preston, Esquire and Theodore Logan suck at history. But if they don't get a passing grade, Ted will be sent to military school in Alaska. George Carlin's character, Rufus, delivers a time machine that they use to go back in time to brush up on their studies so they can eventually form a most excellent rock band together.

  10. "Beverly Hills Cop": Detectives Axel Foley and Billy Rosewood are two bumbling yet comical cops on a chase to bring down a drug kingpin. With the help of a pretty blonde gal, Axel neutralizes the situation and makes the movie one of the funniest comedy movies for guys.