‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ Quotes

Monday, August 29 by Frost

The great movies are the ones you swear you had the idea for, just not the energy to make, and with the best "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" quotes, it's like they're taking lines straight from your mindhole. Most breakup comedy movies exist to give your girlfriend something to torture you with but sometimes they showcase the guy's point of view and bring the funny. It's time to cherry pick the best from the really good and show off these top lines:

"It was like a little holiday with Hitler." Coupledom can be bad but when you're rocking a reference to one of the most evil, terrible men on the planet then you know things probably weren't that great. Who hasn't wanted to compare an ex to someone in history and only ended up with genocidal maniacs? Take one part Hitler and add it to going on a vacation with him and you have a great "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" quote.

"I'm getting complaints about a woman crying hysterically." There isn't a person among us who hasn't had a breakup and it never ends up pretty. Funeral, neck caught in the car door, or a break up, crying still ends up sounding like a wounded cat trying to mate with a hyena. Or maybe that's just me you judgmental jerks.

"If I wanted to see you act badly, I'd just watch your tv show…" Lesson 234: If you need to hit someone, hit them where they live (or work). A simple line but sometimes the simplest lines do the most damage and cause the most laughter. Aldous delivers in spades here though he's not done yet.

"Came here to murder you." No matter how quick a thinker someone is, there are always going to be off balance moments. Freudian slips abound in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" but this has to be one of the best. Playing the pretend stalker is funny but in the wide world of exes it can be hilarious.

"What would happen if your mobile phone killed you?" Someone in Hollywood is looking into this right now and is going to have to fight Stephen King over it. Nothing like a film showcasing a terrible idea and knowing that it's heading to a table read after "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" opens. A worthwhile line because self-deprecation done with style always wins.

"You can't be so casual about this. This isn't Europe, okay? There are rules here." America may have deep fried candy bars and pasta but darn it we have rules unlike fancypants Europe. With their kilts, their bank holidays and their generous vacation time, Europeans must understand you have to wait your turn with going after our American women. "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" brings back the law to America while pulling down Europe's kilt.

"I bet you think strippers like you too." There are certain lies your friends will let you believe. Sometimes they need to slap you back into reality and using a general truth of "money does not equal love" is one of the most basic ways. This line holds up the mirror, makes a face and then wakes up to a reality check.

"You look like one of the guys suspected of killing JFK." A throwaway line that nails it. Friends are the people who call you on your mistakes but strangers can hone in on your foibles even quicker. Hats need to be reserved for gangsters and over pampered pets.

"And it kind of reminded me of a dark, gothic Neil Diamond." Much like being scared of clowns, this visual scars the soul. Generic compliments land in the trash while compliments like this haunt like a jerk ghost. "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" doesn't just write from the same old cliches but invents lines that'll stay with you.

"It's an anticipatory order." Drinking to forget or to help you deal with the present requires planning. This strategy isn't too hard, start early and go hard. A line that delivers humor but also sets a good foundation for the scenes ahead make this a great line in the "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" world.

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