Perhaps considered the ultimate teen sex comedy of the 1980s, or of all time, is "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" and its huge and colorful cast of characters provide a number of memorable Fast Times at Ridgemont High quotes that remain pop culture touchstones to this day. A film about teenagers at a Southern California suburba high school, it is funny, poignant, and eminently quotable, full of iconic teen movie characters. Many of these characters have phrases they are known for, and these Fast Times at Ridgemont high quotes touch on some of those.

  1. "I know that dude." Perhaps the most memorable character out of the film is Sean Penn's stoner-surfer, Spicoli. This line, as he wanders in late to Mr. Hand's class, tossed off in a mellow drawl, captures his character perfectly and is one of the most memorable Fast Times at Ridgemont High quotes.

  2. "I shall serve no fries before their time." Brad Hamilton, played by Judge Reinhold, is a character everyone knows, the dork who thinks he's much cooler than he is and that he deserves better than his lot in life. He tries to show this cool while working his fast food job, treating it like he's a rock star. This Fast Times at Ridgemont High quote sums up his character in one simple line of dialogue, a groaner for everyone who knows someone just like this.

  3. "You are a wuss. Part wimp and part pussy." This line comes from Damone, and sums up his relationship to his friend Rat perfectly. Like Brad, Damone is someone who acts much cooler than he is, a know-it-all who knows nothing. It's a loving ribbing between the pals, too, though, and that shows their friendship is truly solid, even though it goes through some tough times. It's also one of the memorable Fast Times at Ridgemont High quotes for bringing a new insult to light.

  4. "Did you hear that surfer guy pulled a knife on Mr. Hand?" This line comes from the mouth of the lovely Linda Barrett, played by Phoebe Cates, known more for being the topless teenage fantasy in this film than her dialogue, but this memorable Fast Times at Ridgemont High quote is a clever jab at how much high schoolers exaggerate everything that happens. Spicoli didn't pull a knife; he just called his teacher "a dick."

  5. "I want a relationship. I want romance." This Fast Times at Ridgemont High quote comes from Stacy, the freshman girl Linda has taken under her wing, and shows how she's exactly the opposite of her new friend; naive, innocent. She won't be so by the end of the film, in one of the film's darker storylines, which has her ending up needing an abortion. 

  6. "What are you people? On dope?" Ray Walston's Mr. Hand, the history teacher, is possibly the funniest character in the film. His repeated line, which pretty much sums up the film with an answer of "yes," is the last of our Fast Times at Ridgemont High quotes.