"Couples Retreat", a 2009 comedy starring Vince Vaughn about four couples that seek relationship therapy on an island paradise, was a decently funny film, but the "Couples Retreat" soundtrack song list was a real gem. The movie’s soundtrack included some classic songs that were perfect complements to the plot and tone of the film.

“Modern Love” – This song was written and performed by the great David Bowie. It’s off his 1983 hit album “Let’s Dance” and peaked at number four on the album charts in the U.S. in a great year for music. “Modern Love”, which reached fourteen on the singles charts in America, is a song that still sounds great today, and that’s why it finds its way into many movie soundtracks. It’s a danceable song with great tempo and tops the list for the “Couples Retreat” soundtrack song list.

“Jessie’s Girl” – Another 1980’s classic comes in the form of Rick Springfield’s “Jessie’s Girl". Released in 1981, the song about unrequited love reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and won Springfield a Grammy Award. It’s another up-tempo song that fits right in to the “Couples Retreat” soundtrack theme of keeping things light and bouncy.

“Love’s Theme” – It’s almost a guarantee that you know this song and you probably don’t know who the artist is. Well, “Love’s Theme” is an instrumental song that was composed by the late, great Barry White. White’s deep bass singing voice was an aphrodisiac, a human erectile dysfunction pill. In this case, though, the makers of “Couples Retreat” chose to use “Love’s Theme” for the film. The instrumental song made it to the top of the charts back in 1972 and was a perfect addition to the soundtrack.

“Lonely Is the Night” – Billy Squier embodies hard rock and he is known for quite a few arena rock hits back in the early 1980’s. “Lonely Is the Night” is one of them; it was released back in 1981 and was a rock radio hit. An underappreciated rocker, including this song on the “Couples Retreat” soundtrack was a nice nod to Squier.

“Me Love” – This Sean Kingston song is from his self-titled debut album (2007) and the reggae fusion song is one of the highlights of the movie soundtrack. The song samples quite liberally from the Led Zeppelin’s classic “D’yer Mak’er” (1973).  “Me Love” was released as Kingston’s second single after the ultra-successful "Beautiful Girls” and finished charting just outside of the top ten on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100.

-Patrick Tursic