“Big Daddy” quotes come from a variety of quirky characters. In this 1999 film, Adam Sandler stars as Sonny Kaufax, a slacker law school grad who adopts a child to impress his ex-girlfriend. As Sonny gets a crash-course in parenthood, his friends and family weigh in on the subject, creating memorable quotes that make “Big Daddy” both endearing and funny.

“Hey, the money I won in the cab accident is kicking ass in the stock market, so relax.” - Sonny. After a cab runs over his foot, Sonny wins a large sum of money from the ensuing legal battle. His financial freedom enables his carefree lifestyle, and Sonny has few worries or motivations. This quote is his effort to validate his choices.

“He has a five year plan.” - Vanessa. As one of the “Big Daddy” quotes that gets the plot rolling, this line is a wake-up call for Sonny. It comes from his ex-girlfriend Vanessa, in the scene where Sonny meets her boyfriend. Vanessa’s new love is an old man, and this quote comes as part of her speech explaining his virtues to Sonny.

“I tried to give him back. I just, I just, I just can't.” - Sonny. Circumstances in “Big Daddy” change for Sonny when he discovers that his roommate fathered an illegitimate son named Julian. When Julian unexpectedly shows up, Sonny forms an instant bond with the child. Since his roommate is overseas on business, Sonny passes off the kid as his adopted son.

“But after my nap I always watch the Kangaroo Song.” - Julian. Sonny soon realizes that parenthood isn’t as easy as he thought, as Julian’s needs make it difficult to live the carefree life to which Sonny was accustomed. This “Big Daddy” quote occurs during a scene where Julian makes Sonny turn off a hockey game in favor of a kids’ show.

“What’s this I hear about you doing laundry with my sister?” - Corinne. Leslie Mann plays Corinne, Sonny’s roommate’s girlfriend and a thorn in Sonny’s side. The two trade barbs throughout “Big Daddy,” and when Sonny begins to fall for Corinne’s sister, the intensity ramps up in the playful hatred of their quotes.

“Hey, stay away from the frozen food section, Corinne! Your boobs'll harden.” - Sonny. Even though Corinne is an accomplished lawyer, Sonny still uses her past to irritate her in his quotes. Before the events in “Big Daddy,” Corinne paid her way through law school by working at Hooters, and Sonny won’t let her forget it.

“I deliver food for six years. Plus, I'm stripper. But I've gained weight so that's a problem.” - Nazo. One of the more colorful characters in “Big Daddy” is Nazo, played by Rob Schneider. Nazo is a delivery guy who is always making trips to Sonny’s apartment. In this quote, he elaborates on his background.

“He's the smelly kid in class! I let him become the smelly kid in class!” - Sonny. After continuously allowing Julian to do as he pleases, Sonny realizes that he needs to do some actual parenting. This “Big Daddy” quote comes during a conversation with Julian’s teacher, when the subject of Julian’s body odor is discussed.

“I had doll like that once. But my cat, he bite his head off.” - Nazo. Though it’s one of the more puzzling “Big Daddy” quotes, this line makes sense considering the source. Nazo takes a liking to Julian, and helps Sonny in his efforts to become a better parent.

“You don’t want me here anymore?” - Julian. In the emotional climax of “Big Daddy,” Sonny decides that it’s best for Julian’s welfare if he returns the child to social services. Julian is too young to understand the implications of this action, and he makes his feelings known with his quotes in a heart-wrenching conversation with Sonny.