You don’t have to see the movie to appreciate the humor in “Couples Retreat” quotes. Released in 2009, the film tells the story of four couples who take a vacation together, but don’t get quite what they bargained for. Full of memorable quotes and dialogue, “Couples Retreat” is a great mix of romance and comedy.

“My name is Sctanley, spelled with a C.” - Sctanley As the manager of Eden, the posh resort that’s the setting for “Couples Retreat,” Peter Serafinowicz’s character Sctanley is one of the major supporting characters in the movie. This quote occurs during the group’s initial introduction at the resort, leading everyone to scratch their heads.

“Now it’s a party.” - Dave As the sarcastic middle-aged father Dave, Vince Vaughn gets all the good “Couples Retreat” quotes. His dry sense of humor is on full display in this quote from an unusual therapy session at the resort, where the group is invited to remove their clothing.

“With what you are wearing, you are attracting guys who wear their pants around their ass.” - Joey Along with his “Couples Retreat” wife Kristen Davis, John Favreau’s character Joey has some difficulties raising his rebellious teenage daughter. A running joke throughout the movie is their differing choices on wardrobe. This quote comes from one of their bickering conversations.

“I peed!” - Kevin From the very beginning of the movie, potty training is a prominent gag in “Couples Retreat.” Dave’s son Kevin is still learning proper toilet etiquette, resulting in several funny lines. This quote comes during one of the opening scenes, when Kevin pees in Dave’s bed.

“Encouragement, Yes!” - Salvadore Carlos Ponce’s character Salvadore is the yoga instructor at the Eden resort. His scenes with the main characters are full of unconventional laughs. Salvadore displays his odd teaching style, along with this quote, during a group yoga session that features some very strange poses.

“Shorts? That's... that's a Maxi Pad.” - Joey In another “Couples Retreat” quote directed at his daughter’s scantily clad style of dress, Joey gets straight to the point during one of their humorous exchanges. This line shows Joey’s direct sense of humor and also his concern for his daughter’s appearance.

“You got a pose called ‘yoga guy gets his ass kicked’? Cause that's my favorite one.” - Dave As the “Couples Retreat” plot unfolds, the main characters begin to tire of the restrictive environment at the Eden resort. Dave voices his displeasure in this quote, when Salvadore engages in an explicit yoga pose with Dave’s wife.

“I know my truth.” - Dave As part of the Eden resort’s unconventional itinerary, the cast must endure therapy sessions. In this “Couples Retreat” quote, Dave is resistant to the therapist’s efforts. This catches the therapist off-guard, as he doesn’t quite know what to make of the line. 

“You have kids, you have guns, you have grandpas.” - Jason As the driving force of the main cast, Jason Bateman’s character is the most enthusiastic about their trip to the Eden resort. This “Couples Retreat” quote comes from an awkward encounter at Dave’s house, where Jason jokingly calls Dave’s parenting methods into question.

“Please don’t pee in that, it’s not a real toilet.” - Dave In another of the “Couples Retreat” quotes dealing with Kevin’s odd bathroom etiquette, Dave displays his direct sense of humor. In a funny scene at a department store, Dave dryly informs Kevin of his error when Kevin attempts to use one of the display toilets on the sales floor.

- Andrew Jett