Become familiar with the best comedy dramas to watch on a date then invite your special someone over for a quiet evening at your place. Have a great time watching an entertaining comedy drama together. Don't forget the popcorn and beverages.

  1. "Stepmom" Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon team up in the fantastic comedy drama about real life and modern families. This film offers one laugh after another as Roberts's plays the character of the stepmom trying to fill the shoes of the sophisticated ex-wife. With the perfect blend of comedy and drama, "Stepmom" is the perfect movie to watch on a date.

  2. "Doc Hollywood" As a young, new doctor, Michael J. Fox's character gets a taste of the sweetness of a small town when his car breaks down on the way to his big city job. The love and laughter he experiences forces him to make a difficult choice between his dreams of a medical career in the big time, or life in a small town with the woman he loves. This is an excellent movie choice for a date.

  3. "Something's Gotta Give" Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton light up the screen with this comedy drama. The acting is superb. You'll experience one great laugh after another, as Nicholson's character unexpectedly gets swept off his feet by a mature, intelligent woman. A big change from the young 20 somethings he normally dates.

  4. "Runaway Bride" Audiences can never get enough of Julia Roberts in the comedy drama about a woman who loves falling in love, but fears walking down the aisle to say I do. After running away from her wedding one time too many, she finally discovers who she is, what she wants, and goes after the man of her dreams.

  5. "Valentine's Day" With a host of outstanding actors and actresses, "Valentine's Day" is the perfect comedy drama to watch on a date. The delightful all star characters display innocence, humor, and passion centered around this holiday of love. Ashton Kutcher's character is warm, sensitive, and charming. The movie is simply delightful.