Comedic monologues for women include many choices that accent the personalities of numerous characters in various situations. Monologues are often used when trying out for a part in a play or production. When auditioning for a part, actors and actresses usually choose a monologue that accentuates their theatrical strengths and shows they are a good match for the part they’re auditioning for. 

  1. “As You Like It" Act 3, Scene 5 This comedic monologue in Shakespeare’s comedy concerns Phebe, who is discussing and describing a youth she may or may not like. She asks Silvius to bring the youth a letter from her to taunt him.

  2. "The Woman Who Loved to Make Vaginas Happy" A hilarious monologue about a female prostitute, this is a long monologue that can be shortened. Eve Ensler’s long running play “The Vagina Monologues” features numerous comedic monologues for women.

  3. “A Woman of No Importance" Act 2 Oscar Wilde’s Mrs. Allonby discusses the ideal man. The character uses sarcasm and irony to get her point across in this two -to three-minute comedic monologue for women. 

  4. "Eve’s Diary," Wednesday Heading Mark Twain, the king of satire, has Eve talking about how to keep Adam happy. This comedic monologue excerpt is from the short story written in the format of a diary. 

  5. “I wanted you to get married.” In this comedic monologue from “Once Upon a Mattress,” the character of Queen Aggravain is telling her son how she wants him to get married. This monologue is one to two minutes in duration.

  6. “Dance 10, Looks 3” This comedic monologue for women is from the famous musical “A Chorus Line.” Val is talking about her dance career and the scores she always receives from the judges. 

  7. “I completely blacked out.” Velma Kelly from the musical “Chicago” tells how she was drinking with her husband and a friend and left to get some more ice.  When she came back they were performing a move she hadn’t expected.