If you want to brush up on your acting skills, you're going to need these comedic monologues for men. The following comedic monologues for men are picked from your favorite movies to allow you the ease of reciting your favorite lines while giving you the chance to work on your stage presence. Nothing is harder than a one-man show, so make your audience lighten up a little with these great comedic monologues for men.

  1. The Credo From "Men In Black." This is one of the best comedic monologues for men for those who are unsure of how a monologue works. It's short, simple, and gets right to the point without a lot of complicated lines. Explaining the rules of what it means to be a "Man In Black," this is one of the best comedic monologues for men because it's funny in its unabashed view of working for the government

  2. The Origin Of The Babel Fish From "A Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy." Based on one of the best science fiction books of all time, this monologue describes, in vivid detail, one of the most ludicrous creatures from Douglas Adams' universe. The lines might be a lot, but the monologue itself flows very nicely, making it one of the best comedic monologues for men for someone looking for a challenge.

  3. Fascination With Pain From "The Princess Bride." This is one of the better comedic monologues for men because it's both smart and funny at the same time. Describe why torture tickles your fancy with some of the most fanciful language you'll ever find in a comedic monologue for men.

  4. The Origin Of Dr. Evil From "Austin Powers." Before this series jumped the shark, we had one of the best comedic monologues for men ever. In a therapy session, Dr. Evil gives everyone a small glimpse into his life and some reason as to why he's so gosh darned evil. The language is easy and the monologue is short, meaning that this one is great for newbies.

  5. The Rules Of Fight Club From "Fight Club." This is one of the darker comedic monologues for men that is nevertheless awesome. Tyler Durden breaks the audience down to their basest form while explaining the rules to his existential extracurricular activities. For fans of the film and great, gripping language, you can't get better than this.