There are a number of classic funny movies to watch before you die. These films are important to see, not only if you love film and you love comedy, but also to watch how different types of humor have evolved out of these classic funny movie styles. It is also to watch these classic funny movies before you die so that you can see how certain types of comedy is timeless and will always be funny to future generations of movie viewers. This is what makes a film classic, where future generations view it and still get where they should laugh (at least most of the time).

  1. "Some Like It Hot." This Billy Wilder comedy was made just as Marilyn Monroe was becoming a national treasure and with her starring in it opposite Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis, it became an instant classic funny movie to watch before you die.

  2. "Caddyshack." This zany golf course comedy starred some of the funniest comedic talents working in the entertainment business at the time (Bill Murray, Chevy Chase and Rodney Dangerfield) and was also directed by Harold Ramis. This classic funny movie is so good that you will watch it over and over again and laugh at different jokes and performances you have never seen before.

  3. "National Lampoons Vacation." Known also as the original "Vacation" film, this classic funny movie to watch before you die is one of the funniest ever made. Starring Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo, the story simply follows a family on a terribly hilarious road trip across the country to the amusement park Wally World. Another one you will watch repeatedly and laugh at for a number of different reasons.

  4. "Annie Hall." The Woody Allen classic funny movie to watch before you die is the story of a relationship between, of course, Woody Allen and Diane Keaton. It has the feeling and humor of all the other Woody Allen films yet something about this classic funny film has more comedic energy then any of Allen's numerous other movies.

  5. "When Harry Met Sally." Perhaps the quintessential romantic comedy and one could argue the film that coined the romantic comedy genre more then any other, this gem that stars Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan tells the story of people who ultimately fell in love over many years on knowing each other. It is undoubtedly a classic funny movie to watch before you die, as it will not only make you laugh but also make you feel good about life and love.

-Eli Kooris