If the very thought of a comedy movie about two male figure skaters has you cracking up, then wait until you read these "Blades of Glory" quotes. Will Ferrell and Jon Heder star as completely opposite figure skaters-and human beings-who combine forces to reclaim their athletic glory on the ice. Strange and awkward situations ensue bringing forth these great "Blades of Glory" quotes.

  1. Chazz: "No exaggeration, I could not love a human baby more than I love this brush." This "Blades of Glory" quote comes directly from a hilarious scene with Chazz and his new partner Jimmy having to share a room for the first time. Chazz spends the bulk of the scene stressing the point of just how valuable this expensive brush called a "Verticoli" is to him. He even tells Jimmy to not even look at it.

  2. Chazz: "Personal philosophy? Clothing optional." This quote from "Blades of Glory" is all about Chazz's personality and obsession: sex. It works its way into his figure skating performances and persona. Chazz's sex addiction also embarrasses his much more innocent partner Jimmy.

  3. Chazz: "I'm a sex addict. It's my cross to bear. It's a real disease with doctors and medicine and everything!" Chazz tries to convince anyone within listening distance of his sexual prowess and addiction. During this scene, he is in the most inappropriate location to have this conversation - a conference deciding whether or not he will be banned from figure skating. Will Ferrell delivers this "Blades of Glory" quote with complete confidence which makes it even funnier.

  4. Chazz: "I just threw up in here, people. That's the reality. Just another layer to the legend I am nothing but a human onion! In fact, we all a... Ugh, encore!" (throws up again) Chazz is actually sending this "Blades of Glory" quote to an audience of children and parents while skating horribly in a family-themed ice show. He literally is throwing up inside his mask and costume. He is completely drunk and at a low point in his career after being banned from competing in singles figure skating.

  5. Chazz: "The night is a very dark time for me." Jimmy: "It's dark for everyone, moron!" Chazz: "Not for Alaskans or dudes with night-vision goggles." Jimmy and Chazz share these funny quotes as they argue back in forth in "Blades of Glory. Jimmy is clearly sick of Chazz's sex stories. And Chazz has clearly lost way too many brain cells from his alcohol addiction.

- Jason Cuthbert