"Billy Madison" is one of the foundational comedies that sky rocketed Adam Sandler's career to extreme heights, and this is undoubtedly attributable to the "Billy Madison" cast. Here are the best cast members from "Billy Madison" and how they contributed to the movie.

  1. Adam Sandler. Sandler started his career like many other successful movie comedians, as a cast member on Saturday Night Live. Sandler plays the main character in "Billy Madison," a socially stunted, twenty-something son of an extremely wealthy hotel chain owner. Refusing to take life too seriously, the character of Billy Madison is one of the most quotable characters in comedic history.

  2. Darren McGavin. McGavin, a seasoned film and television actor, plays Billy Madison's rich and successful father. McGavin's ability to play an extravagantly successful man, without abandoning his sense of humor, makes the dialog between Sandler and McGavin hilarious and memorable. 

  3. Bridgette Wilson. Wilson has a long resume of roles in light-hearted movies ranging from slapstick to romantic comedies. Wilson plays the beautiful Veronica Vaughn, the love interest that influences Billy to get his act together and make something of himself.

  4. Bradley Whitford. Whitford plays the despicable Eric Gordon, the evil antagonist trying to weasel his way into taking over Madison Hotels. Whitford is fantastic at playing a corrupt and secretly insecure business man, as he is often cast as the bad guy.

  5. Josh Mostel. Mostel plays Max Anderson, a school principal with several hilarious secrets that surface throughout the movie. Anderson and Sandler have worked together in several different films, and when they share the screen they do not disappoint.

  6. Norm McDonald. Like Sandler, McDonald started as a Saturday Night Live cast member prior to the launching of his movie career. McDonald plays Frank, a lazy friend of Billy's that has little shame in enjoying the fruits that Madison Hotels has provided for Billy.

  7. Mark Beltzman. Beltzman plays Jack, another lazy friend of Billy's that takes advantage of Billy's wealth by lounging around the pool and getting drunk all day.

  8. Larry Hankin. Hankin plays the quirky and loyal Carl, an honest executive for Madison Hotels that warns Billy of Eric Gordon's plot to take down Billy. Since "Billy Madison," Hankin has gone on to play numerous roles on popular television shows.

  9. Theresa Merritt. Merritt plays the Madisons' maid, a loving, yet possibly over-affectionate, Madison employee who takes care of Billy throughout his efforts to complete school.

  10. Dina Platias. Platias plays Billy's first grade teacher, Ms. Lippy. She has not been in many film roles since "Billy Madison," but her performance as the hilariously odd elementary teacher in "Billy Madison" was one of the most memorable characters in the film.