If you’re looking for the best romantic comedy movies to watch with a girl, it’s pretty likely that you want these movies to, well…not be awful. Luckily, years ago someone told Hollywood that guys watch (even if forced) romantic comedies also, and the town responded by creating movies in the genre that won’t make you fall asleep or dream about being absolutely anywhere else.

  1. Sixteen Candles” Girls love this movie because of the happy ending, but you’ll love it because it’s hilarious. What isn’t funny about a bride high on pain killers on her wedding day, or a foreign exchange student getting drunk and landing on his host-family’s front yard? If you’re still not sold, consider the chance to reminisce about the good ol&rsquo high school days when you partied without caring who, or what, needed to be cleaned up the next day. A funny movie with heart, “Sixteen Candles” will put your girl in a great mood, making it one of the best romantic comedies to watch.

  2. The Princess Bride” This classic film still manages to hit its dual targets of romance and comedy, despite the presence of mechanized, gigantic, man-eating rats. Follow Wesley through his comedic trials as he works to win the love of the woman he’s desired his entire lifetime. The ladies will swoon at the lovers’ dedication while you ponder the possibility of the existence of real giants.

  3. Vicky Cristina Barcelona” More of a tongue-in-cheek comedy (what else can be expected from Woody Allen, after all?), this film is often overlooked as the romantic comedy movie that it is. Girls relate to the larger plot line of two women finding their way in life, while you’ll definitely enjoy the beautiful cast who – ahem – gets quite cozy.

  4. There’s Something About Mary” Forget any recent romantic comedies, this film is one of the funnies movies of all time, with a little romance incorporated, too. Follow Ben Stiller as he tries to win the girl of his dreams, played by Cameron Diaz, but only encounters hilarious hindrances along the way. “There’s Something About Mary” is impossible to dislike, making it one of the best romantic comedies to watch with girls.

  5. Knocked Up” While many might view a surprise pregnancy as a negative thing, this movie proves it’s just the opposite. When two strangers hit the town with only one thing on their mind, they never expected it to result in a baby. Seth Rogan and Katherine Heigel are great in this movie, but it’s reall Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann who steal the show. Girls will love watching this romantic comedy with you, no question about it.