The best romantic comedies of the decade all have one thing in common: They never took themselves too seriously. Serious romantic movies just get complicated. Although some of the comedy is a bit painful and definitely stretched in places, these movies have stood the test of picky moviegoers, so they're likely to tickle your fancy, too.

  1. "Serendipity" Jonathan Trager and Sara Thomas are brought together by serendipity, but Sara blows the relationship when she tells him that if they're meant to be together, they'll find each other again someday. He takes it to the limit and barely makes it back to Sara years later when she's about to marry another man!

  2. "Guess Who" You'll know just how much you miss Bernie Mac after you watch this best romantic comedy with Ashton Kutcher. It's ebony meets ivory and guess who the white kid left out in the cold is. Percy Jones' daughter almost doesn't have a chance at marrying the white kid who can't jump until he proves himself.

  3. "Maid in Manhattan" Marissa Ventura is a single mom with a kid who happens to catch the fancying eye of Christopher Thomas, a politician staying at the hotel she works for. Her friends help her go to nearly illegal lengths to hook her up with him and when he finds out who she really is, she's surprisingly no worse for the wear.

  4. "Sweet Home Alabama" Getting dumped is new to Patrick Dempsey in this movie. Yet dumped is what he gets when Melanie Smooter breaks off their engagement and decides she belongs back in the South with ex-husband Jake Perry.

  5. "Music and Lyrics" "Music and Lyrics" simply has to be the best romantic comedy of the decade. Starring Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant, an unlikely songwriter and lyricist match vie for a chance to have their song featured on a hit star's album and they find their way back into love at the same time.

  6. "50 First Dates" Another of Drew Barrymore's best romantic comedies, "50 First Dates" finds Henry Roth romancing a woman who suffered head trauma and can't remember meeting him on every date he takes her on.

  7. "Hitch" Hitch the love doctor is smooth. But he ends up falling in love with the one woman on whom his "love doctor" advice has little effect.

  8. "My Big Fa Greek Wedding" Okay, so your girl is probably more inclined to watch this one since it stars John Corbett, but hey, you'll be happy to watch "frump girl" transform into "hot girl" with a little makeup and some better clothes.

  9. "What Women Want" Does Nick Marshall really know as much as he thinks he does about women? Not really, until he survives a lightning strike and suddenly begins hearing women's thoughts in his own head.

  10. "Duplex" Drew Barrymore's third best romantic comedy on this list, "Duplex" finds Alex Rose and Nancy Kendricks renting a room below the landlord from hell, it seems. Pretty soon they're plotting to whack their upstairs landlord, yet the old woman somehow outlives their every move. But take warning: This movie has plenty of those "painfully funny" scenes that you probably can't stand.