The good news is that the best romantic comedies of the 2000s are not difficult to identify because there were so many great ones released; the even better news is that the best of the best are guaranteed to make any viewer laugh and probably get a little mushy. During the decade from 2000-2010, screens across the nation displayed romantic comedy movies in every shape and form. Despite their abundance, however, a few stood above the rest.

  1. Waitress” Jenna dreams about escaping her boring life and abusive husband while she creates delicious pies for the diner where she works. But when a single glass of wine makes her do something she normally wouldn’t and she finds out she’s pregnant, her dreams seem to quickly vanish. Despite Jenna not-so-glamorous lifestyle, the movie is jam-packed with humor, and the fact that it ends happily ever after without Jenna finding true love is a bonus for viewers who get annoyed by unrealistic endings. “Waitress” shows what it means to truly be free, and how to be so requires loving oneself, and for that reason is one of the best romantic comedies of the 2000s.

  2. Love, Actually” This sweet romantic comedy is actually several movies rolled into one. The British Prime Minister, a widower and his step-son and a group of friends each experiences different struggles to obtain the love they want. While not all of the stories end with gushing dedications of romantic devotion, each is sweet in their own way, and sometimes what makes a romantic comedy great is its realism.

  3. The Sweetest Thing” What makes this romantic comedy one of the best is the fact that the romance lies beneath a subtle layer of, well, hilarity. Starring Christina Applegate, Cameron Diaz and Selma Blair, “The Sweetest Thing” displays the lifestyle most 30-something ladies lead and the predicaments in which they (regularly) find themselves. Well, that is, if by predicament you mean finding a moldy piece of meat in their car, dancing in a Chinese food restaurant or rinsing their eyes out after an unexpected encounter in a public bathroom.

  4. Wedding Crashers” If the opening montage of weddings doesn’t make you laugh, the plot will have you rolling on the floor soon enough. The story of two friends who make a game of, well, crashing weddings, the movie doesn’t seem a true romantic comedy at first. But when one of the friends, played by Owen Wilson, falls in love with a bridesmaid, all hell breaks loose. The secondary love plot, involving Vince Vaughn, is no laughing matter, however, or is it? “Wedding Crashers” is a great romantic comedy.

  5. My Big Fa Greek Wedding” Who know families could be so crazy? Honestly, you probably did, or at least you thought you did until you saw this movie. Based on the stage play of the same name, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” shows what it takes to survive in a Greek family in the Midwest, particularly when you’re about to get married. Anyone who has ever planned a wedding or visited Chicago knows how realistic this movie is, which, coincidentally, makes it an even sweeter romantic comedy movie.