The best funny movies of all time are the ones that will have you laughing so hard that you may end up missing half of the movie. There are way too many of those movies to mention here. However, here are some of the best funny movies you will ever see. 

  1. "Pee Wee's Big Adventure" Pee Wee Herman awakens to a silly high tech breakfast as his fortune telling machine spits out the message, "don't leave home today." The overgrown boy with the gray suit and red bow tie leaves home anyway on his most prized bicycle that wealthy next door neighbor Francis covets. When Pee Wee's safely secured bike is stolen downtown and a phony psychic tells him it's in the basement of the Alamo, all hell breaks loose. Pee Wee goes on a wild adventure to recover it in this funny movie from 1985. 

  2. "Monty Python and the  Holy Grail" This 1975 British masterpiece by directors Terry Gilliam and Terry Jones features a retelling of the King Arthur legend. King Arthur and the "Knights of the Round Table" make a trek during the dark ages to obtain the Holy Grail. The ridiculous one liners in this funny movie are still quoted daily worldwide as people recall the "Knights Who Say Ni", killer rabbits and a zany group of French soldiers during their travels. 

  3. "Airplane" Actor Leslie Nielsen starred as an airline doctor in one of the greatest funny movies from 1980. Alcoholic Ted Striker becomes an airline pilot after the passengers and pilot get food poisoning. It is up to Ted to land the plane. The movie is filled with stupid one liners, bizarre psych gags and funny characters. 

  4. "Beverly Hills Cop" Eddie Murphy brings us a lot of chuckles in this funny move from 1984. Murphy plays Axel Foley, a Detroit cop whose friend Joey gets murdered in a hallway by a man who is connected to a drug tycoon. Axel goes on vacation to Beverly Hills, where he solves the case with the help of two Beverly Hills police officers who are forced to put up with his funny antics. 

  5. "Sleeper" Woody Allen plays Miles Monroe, a health food store owner who dies in the hospital during a simple gall bladder operation. Miles wakes up 200 years later to a future world where it is known that cigarettes and other previously-deemed-unhealthy things are good for you. Miles later works for greeting card maker Luna, played by Diane Keaton,  who thinks that Miles is her robot butler. Miles only became a robot to escape a totalitarian government after a group of rebels tried to use him as a spy. Released in 1973, "Sleeper" is one of Woody's first movies. It is also one of the best funny movies of all time.