Looking for "Austin Powers" quotes? You've come to the right place! "Austin Powers" is a wildly popular comedy that was released in 1997, and stars Mike Myers and Elizabeth Hurley. Viewers cannot get through the film without laughing hysterically, and some of the quotes from "Austin Powers" are just too funny to forget. Ready to learn what the best quotes from "Austin Powers" are? Read on.

  1. "Shall we shag now, or shall we shag later?" This classic quote from "Austin Powers" was recited by the main character, Austin Powers, played by Mike Myers. As anyone who has seen the movie knows, the character Austin Powers is obsessed with "shagging", and brings up the topic numerous times within the film.

  2. "Ladies and gentleman, welcome to my underground lair." Who can forget about Dr. Evil when discussing the best quotes from "Austin Powers"? Dr. Evil was also portrayed by the hilarious Mike Myers, and is the ultimate evil comedic villain that viewers love to hate. 

  3. "Actually, my name is Austin Powers. Danger is my middle name." Another memorable quote coming from Austin that has us laughing uncontrollably. For someone who has "Danger" as a middle name, Austin Powers sure doesn't look very dangerous. 

  4. "How dare yo break wind before me?" The character by the name of Alotta Fagina recited this funny quote after Austin Powers farts in her presence. After hearing it, Austin responds to her with, "I'm sorry, I didn't realize it was your turn."

  5. "I've been frozen for 30 years. I've got to see if my bits and pieces are still working." After being thawed from a 30 year cryogenic freeze, Austin Powers needs to know if his "bits and pieces" are still of good use, and he tries to convince Vanessa to help him.

  6. "Why must I be surrounded by frickin' idiots?" Another great quote from Dr. Evil in "Austin Powers". Dr. Evil thinks everyone in his presence is an idiot, including his loyal followers and employees. Not just idiots, but "frickin'" idiots, and he reminds them on a regular basis of this.