"Animal House" is one of the best movies of any decade, and the "Animal House" cast was a very talented group of actors and actresses. Some have gone on to successful acting careers, while others pursued other avenues. Below is a list of actors from one of the best comedies of all-time and what they have done since. 

  1. John Belushi. While previously known for his memorable skits on "Saturday Night Live," one of Belushi's biggest movies was the 1975 comedy, "Animal House," where he played the role of party animal, Bluto. Belushi also went on to star in four other films, most notably "Neighbors" and "The Blue Brothers," before his tragic death due to a drug overdose. Just before his death, Belushi was being considered for roles in "Spies Like us" and "Ghostbusters.

  2. Tim Matheson. Matheson played the role as Otter in "Animal House," and  appeared in 1980's comedies, "Up the Creek," "To Be or Not to Be," and "Fletch." Matheson has also had roles on the hit television show, "The West Wing," and is currently directing the FOX television show, "The Good Guys."

  3. Stephen Furst. Stephen Furst is another "Animal House" cast member. While his role of Flounder may have been his most popular, he has appeared in several movies since; most notably "Up the Creek," "The Unseen." Furst also starred in the 1980's television series "St Elsewhere," as well as  the popular 1990's show, "Babylon 5." Later, Hurst would develop type II diabetes, resulting in both of his feet being removed. 

  4. Peter Riegert. Peter Riegert's role in "Animal House" was Boon, whose girlfriend ended up having sex with one of her college professors. Since "Animal House," Riegert had roles in "Mask," and "Coldblooded Traffic." Riegert also directed a few short films and co-wrote the 2004 Independent Film, "King of the Corner."

  5. Kevin Bacon. Kevin Bacon had a small role in "Animal House," where he played the role of Chip Diller, one of the campus snobs. His most memorable scene was getting a face full of Bluto's twinky when he impersonated a zit. Bacon went on to become a Hollywood star, as he has had starring roles in rgw hit movies, "Footloose," "Flatliners," "Hallowman," "Wild Things," and 'Mystic River," to name a few.

  6. Mary Kouise Weller. Weller played the role of Mandy Peperidge, a beautiful Co-ed who, in a very memorable scene, showed off her breast while undressing in her sorority house. A former model, Weller appeared in a few roles after "Animal House," including as Chuck Norris' girlfriend in the 1982 action film, "Forced Vengeance." Weller has since retired from acting.

  7. Donald Sutherland. Sutherland may have had a small role in "Animal House" (he was the professor that slept with Boon's girlfriend), but over the years he has become one of Hollywood's most successful stars. Sutherland went on to star in movies such as "Invasion of the Body Snatchers," "Cold Mountain," "Back Draft," "Space Cowboys," and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." He is also the father of Keifer Sutherland.