Adventure comedy movies are the perfect choice for date night. Understanding what your date finds funny can help you find a suitable date/mate. If your sense of humor is not compatible, the relationship most likely will not last. The following movies are the top adventure comedy movies to take a date to see.

  1. “Air America” Set in Laos during the Vietnam War, this adventure comedy takes an original approach to the black ops portion of that era. Mel Gibson and Robert Downing, Jr.  put out stellar performances, adding some off color and politically incorrect humor, but hey, it is important to remain open to new experiences.

  2. “Shrek” Featuring the voices of Cameron Diaz, Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy, this is a hysterical twist on the usual “happily ever after.” All Shrek wants is his life back to normal after an evil wanna-be king displaces all fairy tale creatures and the only place they have to go is into Shrek’s swamp. To get his swamp vacated, Shrek will have to go save a princes in a tower from a dragon.

  3. “Fantastic Four” Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba, Chris O’Donnell, Michael Chiklis and Julian McMahon star in this adventurous comedy straight out of the pages of a Marvel comic book. Changed by a solar storm encountered in space, everyone is trying to figure out what happened and reverse the changes that cost one of them their family.

  4. “Lake Placid” The storyline by itself would go nowhere if not for the fantastic chemistry of the cast. Oliver Platt is in his element as a scientist fascinated by crocodiles and their changes to survive in new environments. Take a notebook with you; there are so many excellent one-liners that you won’t be able to remember them all.

  5. “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” When you are the perfect couple, all that’s left to do is some interior decorating. When undercover assassin Angelina Jolie's character unwittingly marries another assassin (Brad Pitt), the term “domestic disturbance” takes on a whole new meaning.

  6. “Men in Black” Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones take the black suits to a whole new level.

  7. “True Lies” When Jamie Lee Curtis' character marries Arnold Schwarzenegger, she never for a minute thought he was anything other than what she was led to believe. What happens when she finds out otherwise makes for non-stop action hilarity. Never underestimate the ability of a spouse to surprise you.

  8. “Night at the Museum” Ben Stiller gives another hilarious performance as the newest night security guard for the Museum of Natural History. What starts out as a coast job that may be the last chance to impress his son quickly turns into at Indiana Jones nightmare with the whole museum coming to life because of an old Egyptian curse.

  9. “The Three Musketeers” Whether you have seen the original or not, this is a must-see! In the attempt to avoid a war, the king’s royal guards, The Musketeers (Chris O’Donnell, Oliver Platt, Kiefer Sutherland and Charlie Sheen) have to move quickly to secure some compromising evidence. The Queen unwittingly places an object into the hands of the Cardinal that could be used against the king. The Musketeers fight and and experience romance along their way to save the kingdom.

  10. “Killers” This adventure comedy movie starring Tom Selleck, Ashton Kutcher, and Katherine Heigl is just another weekend with the in-laws. Or is it? It can be difficult to gain the trust of your in-laws, but when it turns out that one of them knows you were supposed to kill him, it could really strain a relationship.

                                                                                                                                                      - Kerry Prater