“Superbad” cast members gained mainstream popularity from the movie's success. Released in 2007, “Superbad” is a comedy written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. Not only did Rogen co-write the movie, but he also had minor role as dim-witted cop. The movie follows three male friends on a quest to buy beer in order to impress classmates at a party. Thankfully, nothing is ever simple, and they endure a ridiculous super-fun night. The four main “Superbad” cast members had their careers put into overdrive once the movie was released.

Jonah Hill

Prior to becoming a "Superbad" cast member, Hill had already made an impression on audiences with his roles in, "Accepted," and "Knocked Up." At first he always portrayed the lovable and sarcastic sidekick to the main character. Soon after "Superbad" was released he put on his big boy shoes and began taking on lead roles. Speaking of being a big boy, Hill's weight is often fluctuating, and over the years went from chunky to overweight. He recently shed the pounds for his role in "21 Jump Street." His leading role as the high-strung Aaron Green in, "Get Him to the Greek" is a must see movie if you are a fan of  "Superbad."

Michael Cera 

This "Superbad" cast member made a career out of playing socially awkward, yet lovable characters. In "Superbad" he portrayed Evan, an unpopular high school boy who silently yearned after the girl of his dreams. Cera's big break happened in 2003 when he was cast in the cult classic television series "Arrested Development." The show got axed, but his career, thankfully, did not. He starred in a slew of teenage romantic comedies as a naive young boy, including, "Juno," and "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist." He gets physically and professionally compared to "The Social Network" actor Jesse Eisenberg.

Christopher Mintz-Plasse 

Prior to becoming a "Superbad" cast member, he had no onscreen acting experience. During the filming he was still only 17-years-old. Since his break-out role in "Superbad," Mintz-Plasse has starred in, "Year One," and "Kick-Ass." The roles he takes seem to have an awkward yet way-too-confident personalty, which does not show a ton of range. Hey, if it ain't broke...

Emma Stone 

Born in 1988, this "Superbad" cast member had her first on screen role in the 2005 made for television movie, "The New Partridge Family." She had minor roles in television shows before portraying Jules in "Superbad." Not only is she gorgeous, but also has great comedic timing which proved true once again when she starred in "Zombieland." All of her roles seem to have a bit of edge to them, which goes along with her strong personality. Stone is a beautiful promising actress that has yet to board trainwreck express like other teen actresses. Lohan, we're lookin' at you.

Martha MacIsaac 

Born in 1984, Martha MacIsaac got her break in 1998 when she portrayed main character Emily in the television series, "Emily on New Moon." MacIsaac's first movie role was in 2007's "Superbad" as cute-as-a-button Becca, the girl Cera's character lusted after. After "Superbad" was released, movie offers started rolling in and she starred in the 2009 horror film, "The Last House on the Left." The movie role differed drastically from "Superbad," but showed she can play a strong character. It also shed her on-screen good girl appeal, and showed off her sexy, damsel in distress side. This adorable actress was officiall taken off the market in 2010 when she married her boyfriend Torre Catalno.

-Natalie Kuchik