"The Other Guys" quotes are raunchy, ridiculous and hilarious. "The Other Guys" follows two misfit detectives forced to work with each other: the repressed, bookish Allen Gamble (Will Ferrell) and the short-tempered and overaggressive Terry Hoitz (Mark Wahlberg). The pair quickly stumble onto a huge investment scam and find themselves in the middle of the one the department's biggest cases.

"I'm gonn break your hip."

Gamble's come-on line to his hot wife, Shelia Gamble (Eva Mendes), who dressed like her grandmother to avoid detection when sneaking out of the house to meet him. A running gag in "The Other Guys" is Gamble's continued insistence his hot wife is plain, much to Hoitz's horror.

"The sound of your piss hitting the urinal, it sounds feminine. If we were in the wild, I would attack you. Even if you weren't in my food chain, I would go out of my way to attack you. If I were a lion and you were a tuna, I would swim out in the middle of the ocean and freakin' eat you!" Hoitz's furious, half-screamed litany on why he can't stand Gamble, a forensic paperwork detective, once he learns they've been paired together as a team. Gamble's response, complete with a scientific explanation of why a lion wouldn't swim after a tuna, doesn't help matters any.

"I literally feel like we're driving around in a vagina."

Hoitz complaining to Gamble because they have to drive around in Gamble's Prius. Later on in the film, homeless men steal the car for an orgy.

"We found your stolen Prius. It was voting for Ralph Nader." Unnamed dispatcher informing Gamble and Hoitz they located the Prius. What they failed to mention was the "presents" the homeless guys left all over the seats. Gamble's Prius is the subject of constant jokes in "The Other Guys."

"Do me a favor, don’t go chasing waterfalls."

One of the "The Other Guys" best running gags, Captain Mauch (Michael Keaton) continually makes serious remarks involving the title of a TLC song and then insists he doesn't know who TLC is.