If you’re a cat lover who wants to laugh, watch these 5 funny cat movies. These films prominently feature felines during many of the movies’ most humorous moments. Ready for some furry animal fun on the silver screen? Then grab these DVDs.

  1. “That Darn Cat!” This classic 1965 comedy stars Hayley Mills and Dean Jones in a kidnapping caper. Mills plays a woman who is convinced that her Siamese cat is connected to a local kidnapping case. Soon an FBI agent is following the cat into all sorts of crazy escapades to uncover the mystery. This funny cat movie also has another version released in 1997 starring Christina Ricci.

  2. Meet the Parents” Although this film focuses on the hilarity that ensues when a man must spend the weekend with his potential in-laws, it’s also a very funny cat movie. Robert De Niro’s character owns a beloved Himalayan named Jinks, who steals most of the movie. The cat’s main claim to fame, being able to use a human toilet.

  3. “The Adventures of Milo and Otis” This live action movie revolves around the friendship of an orange tabby cat named Milo and a pug named Otis. It’s an extremely heartwarming movie, but also contains humor throughout, since the tabby cat is always getting into trouble and pulling stunts like provoking bears or woefully trying to catch muskrats.

  4. Shrek 2” In this second installment of the popular Shrek ogre series, a new feline main character is introduced and steals the show Puss in Boots, voiced by Antonio Banderas, provides a classic take on the fairy tale cat. In this funny cat movie, Puss continually foils others by appearing sweet and docile, then brandishing a sword to catch them by surprise with his hilarious Zorro-like moves.

  5. “Bringing Up Baby” This funny cat movie is a classic and doesn’t feature your ordinary house cat. Instead, the “Baby” of the film is a leopard. Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant lead the cast as an unlikely pair who go through a number of screwball adventures with Baby the Leopard in tow.