Audiences are sure to recognize some very familiar faces in the “Dodgeball” cast. This hilarious comedy film that stars Vince Vaughn was officially titled “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story.” Those who love to watch quality comedies are sure to appreciate the performances put in by the talented “Dodgeball” cast.


Christine Taylor

The lovely Christine Taylor is a great addition to the “Dodgeball” cast. Appearing in such films like “Zoolander,” “The Wedding Singer” and “Tropic Thunder,” Taylor is certainly no stranger to quality comedy flicks. In “Dodgeball” she plays Kate Veach, a beautiful lawyer who was initially tasked handle the pending foreclosure of Average Joe's, the gym owned by Vaughn's character. She eventually befriends Vaughn and joins his dodgeball team.



Rip Torn

The venerable Rip Torn truly adds even more class to this “Dodgeball” cast. A veteran performer who appeared in dozens of television and movie projects, Torn has even ventured into the realm of theater. In “Dodgeball” Torn plays the aging and wheelchair-bound Patches O'Houlihan. The gruff O'Houlihan was a former coach who decided to come out of retirement to help train the Average Joe's team for a prestigious dodgeball tournament. Using his tough training regimen, the players are slowly whipped into shape.



Alan Tudyk

Prior to him joining the Dodgeball cast, Alan Tudyk made quite an impression on audiences with his role as Wash in the cult-classic “Firefly” series. In "Dodgeball," Tudyk is a long-time member of the Average Joe gym with a strange personality. He plays the role of “Steve the Pirate,” a happy-go-lucky fellow who acts and dresses the part. He joins the team in their quest to win the championship and raise enough funds to save the Average Joe's gym from pending foreclosure.



Justin Long

One of the youngest members of “Dodgeball” cast, Justin Long is cast as Justin, the boyish-looking, Average Joe's gym member who becomes an integral part of their dodgeball squad. His comical, on-screen antics made it quite a memorable performance. After his solid work in the film, he picked up some impressive projects soon after. He co-starred with Bruce Willis in “Live Free or Die Hard” and appeared in the blockbuster horror flick “Drag Me to Hell.”



Ben Stiller

The talented Stiller shares top billing with Vince Vaughn and leads this solid “Dodgeball” cast. The New York native is cast as White Goodman, Vaughn's arch-rival who owns a competing gym. Goodman even forms his own dodgeball squad to prevent the Average Joe's team from winning the tournament. Ben Stiller, one of the true bankable actors of Hollywood, has appeared in numerous blockbusters. His film credits includes “Meet the Parents,” “Night at the Museum” and “Tropic Thunder.”