The 5 best kung fu movies stand on top of what has become an increasingly popular area in film.  With note to a couple of modern films that appear on this list, kung fu movies are not without a level of humor as commonly seen.  Here are five of the best kung fu movies.

  1. "Drunken Master"  This breakthrough film for Jackie Chan is full of funny events and quick one-liners.  Complete with interesting depictions of drunken style kung fu, you have to love the (drunk) Jackie Chan in this kung fu classic.

  2. "Rush Hour"  Perhaps the best known kung fu comedy, this quintessential title for this category also features Jackie Chan, as he and Chris Tucker fight crime.  Its success has led to at least two more films in this series.

  3. "Kung Fu Hustle" This film is certainly odd, but then again it is from the mind of Stephen Chow.  You either like it or hate it - but you have to give this wacky kung fu comedy film credit for what it did for kung fu films in the West.

  4. "Kung Fu Panda" This may not appropriately be listed as a kung fu movie, but it certainly belongs.  Integrating animation and kung fu, this DreamWorks film brings plenty of laughs and kid-friendly action to the table.

  5. "Kung Pow! Enter the Fist"  This parody of Hong Kong action cinema stars Steve Oedekerk in a very different kung fu film.  Along the lines of a "Kung Fu Hustle" style of film, it is worth seeing if you enjoy a kung fu comedy film that is a little out on the box.