The 5 best "I Love You, Man" movie quotes are just a sampling of the some of the funniest quotes from the 2009 bromance starring Paul Rudd and Jason Segel. The film about a man seeking a best man held the second spot at the box office during its opening week and led to some of the most quoted movie lines in 2009 thanks to Paul Rudd’s Peter Klaven and the character's awkward deliverance of nearly every one of his lines. With a rare on-screen appearance by rock legend Rush, as well as extremely funny cameo performances by actors J.K. Simmons, comedian Aziz Ansari and “Reno 911” actor Thomas Lennon, the best “I Love You, Man” movie quotes are as amusing as they are memorable.

  1. “Stop Calling me ‘Hulk.’” Delivered by “The Incredible Hulk” actor Lou Ferrigno after being repeatedly called by his most famous superhero character by an irate Jason Segel, Ferrigno’s most entertaining scene ends with one of the best “I Love You, Man” movie quotes as well as Jason Segel’s character, Sydney Fife, in a headlock.

  2. “Totally… totes ma goats.” In what has come to be known as a Klavenism, Paul Rudd’s character, Peter Klaven, delivered a series of unforgettable and painfully awkward lines throughout the entirety of the film, among them: "totes ma goats," one of the best “I Love You, Man” movie quotes. Other Klavenisms are definitely not to be missed and range from simple utterances like “I’ll snake a brooskin” when given a bee, to indecipherable phrases like “Laters on the menjay!”

  3. “Hi Peter, I saw your billboards. They're spectacular. I'm sorry for calling you a whore. Best of luck with Sydney. If you're not still together... you can Facebook me.” During one of the best scenes in the film, Paul Rudd’s character is set up on a “man-date” to meet potential friends to be his best man and ends up on a date with a man named Doug, played by Thomas Lennon. The date ends with Doug kissing Peter, whom he assumes to be gay. After seeing him with Sydney, Doug delivers a nasty insult, which he later retracted in a telephone message containing not only one of the best “I Love You, Man” movie quotes, but also an offer of friendship that carries with it a job as an usher at Peter's wedding.

  4. “Slappa da bass, mon!” Unquestionably the most memorable scene in the film, Peter tries to teach his fiance Zooey (played by the amazing Rashida Jones) how to play the bass guitar, only to introduce the most impressive air-bass performance in movie history, as well as one of the best “I Love You, Man” movie quotes in the entire film.

  5. “I love you, Bro Montana.” During the final scene of the movie, Sydney and Peter see each other for the first time after their climactic fight and express their feelings for one another with a hilarious ad-libbed round of sentiments in which Sydney delivers one of the best “I Love You, Man” movie quotes, to which Paul Rudd replies, “I love you, homes.”