The 5 best black comedy movies 2008 have drama, mixed with witty dialogue. The genre "black comedy" touches on off-colored topics as well as serious topics paired with humorous content. Adding comedy to heavy hitting plots creates a more uplifting movie-going experience. Bad luck, death, mobsters, and blackmail are all topics covered in the 5 best black comedy movies  of 2008.

  1. "RocknRolla" Guy Ritchie wrote and directed this 2008 black comedy about gangsters, rock stars, and thugs. A mob boss has a hold on the local real estate market, and gets in deep with the wrong thugs that are looking to invest. The London-based movie has many characters leading to twists and turns throughout the entire plot. One of the 5 best black comedy movies 2008 because you can, and will want to watch the movie again in order to pick up on pieces you missed the first time around.

  2. "Burn After Reading" During one of the best black comedy movies 2008, two gym employees try to blackmail a former CIA agent. Former agent Osborne Cox writes a memoir about himself and accidently leaves it in the gym locker room. Gym worker Linda discovers it, and with the help of her dim-witted co-worker Chad (Brad Pitt), tries to sell it to the highest bidder. This 2008 black comedy movie has many funny moments of Brad Pitt portraying a mimbo (man-bimbo) who always seems to be a day late, and a dollar short.

  3. "Smart People" A cynical widowed professor named Lawrence Wetherhold (Dennis Quaid) has a bad luck streak that doesn't seem to end. His car gets towed to the school impound, and a disgruntled former student refuses to let him get his briefcase out of the car. Lawrance climbs the fence, only to fall and land himself in the ER. His doctor, Janet (Sarah Jessica Parker) turns out to be a former student who had a crush on him. From then on the story revolves around Lawrence, his grown children, and his budding romance with Janet. One of the 5 best black comedy movies 2008 because the subtle sarcastic tone throughout the entire film is hilarious.

  4. "Choke" This 2008 black comedy movie is about a con-man who fakes choking at restaurants so rich patrons can save him. The con-man Victor (Sam Rockwell) forms relationships with the people who save him from choking in order to swindle money from them. It's definitely one of the 5 best black comedy movies of 2008 because the odd premise has a witty script. Not only is the story about Victor's cons, but also his sexual compulsion, and crazy mother.

  5. "How to Lose Friends & Alienate People" One of the 5 best black comedy movies of 2008 is based on the 2001 memoir with the same name. The movie is about Sidney Young, an employer at a magazine. The black comedy comes from the magazine world, and pokes fun of trends, and media stars. The movie revolves around Sidney's five-year stint at the magazine, and all the bizarre people he meets.