"40 Year Old Virgin" quotes are numerous and very good, as it is one of the best comedies which has been released in the last decade. It is directed by comedic genius Judd Apatow who has been involved with a slew of other comedies which have been released over the last ten years. However, "40 Year Old Virgin" was one of the first of these comedies which was both well-reviewed critically and made a lot of money at the box office. The quotes listed below from "40 Year Old Virgin" represent the humor and plot of the movie quite well.


  1.  "You know what? I respect women! I love women! I respect them so much that I completely stay away from them!" This quote from "The 40 year Old Virgin" is from Andy, our main character played by Steve Carrel, about why he is still a virgin at the age of 40.

  2. "Hey Andy, don't let him bother you. It's okay not to have sex. Not everybody's a pussy magnet. You, uh, what are you, 25?" This is a quote from Andy's manager at the speaker store that he works at, an Indian man named Mooj, who says graphic, direct things constantly. This makes him a truly funny character.

  3.  "I mean, seriously, Asia? You framed an Asia poster? How hard did the people at the frame store laugh when you brought this in?" This quote is from Cal, who is played by Paul Rudd, one of Andy's friends who he works with, who is determined to help him lose his virginity. They are trying to fix up his apartment before a girl comes over who might sleep with him.

  4.  "You know what? I knew that you'd react that way and I knew that you would want to lead me through my first sexual encounter will all the compassion and care that someone would give to their soulmate." This is a quote from "The 40 Year Old Virgin" where Andy tries to talk to himself in a mirror, pretending that he is talking to a girl who he is about to have sex with. It's awkward and funny and takes us inside Andy's head.

  5.  "I think... I mean, that sounds gay. I just want you to know this is, like, the first conversation of, like, three conversations that leads to you being gay. Like, there's this and then in a year it's like, "Oh, you know, I'm kinda gonna want to get back out there, but I think I like guys," and then there's the big, "Oh, I'm... I'm... I'm a gay guy now." This "40 Year Old Virgin" quote is from a conversation between Cal and David, who are played be Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen. While they are playing video games, they joke about being gay and start a series of jokes over the course of the film about knowing how the other one is gay.