The “40 Year Old Virgin” cast stars a number of popular stars including Steve Carrell, Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd. The “40 Year Old Virgin” is a comedy surrounding the misadventures of a virgin whose friends and coworkers decide to have his 40 years of virginity come to an end.

  1. Steve Carrell. Steve Carrell plays the main character in the “40 Year Old Virgin” cast named Andy Stitzer. His coworkers accidentally discover that he is a virgin during an after work poker game and they decide it is their mission to end his virginity.

  2. Seth Rogen. Seth Rogen plays Andy Stitzer coworker at an electronics store named Cal. Cal is a womanizer who feels that Andy is weird until he finds out his secret. Feeling that he should personally take on the cause, he recruits two other coworkers to help him find Andy the right girl.

  3. Catherine Keener. Catherine Keener plays Trish in the “40 Year Old Virgin” cast. Trish owns her own Ebay store and meets Andy when she visits the electronics store to make a purchase. Andy becomes smitten with her and the two begin a relationship.

  4. Paul Rudd. Paul Rudd plays David, a salesman at the electronics store where Andy is employed in the “40 Year Old Virgin” cast. David is one of the men that discover Andy’s secret and volunteers to find him a woman. David is unlucky in love himself and sees helping Andy as therapy for his own problems.

  5. Romany Malco. Romany Malco plays Jay in the “40 Year Old Virgin.” Jay is a sex crazed man in a relationship with a no-nonsense woman that he fears but still cheats on. Jay uses Andy as his way to get out, party and cheat on his girlfriend without having her know what is really going on.

  6. Elizabeth Banks. Elizabeth Banks plays Beth, a bookstore worker that Cal convinces Andy to flirt with so that he can learn how to approach women. Beth’s role in the “40 Year Old Virgin” cast is small but adds laughs to the scene.

  7. Leslie Mann. Leslie Mann is Nicky, a drunk party girl that Andy, Cal, Jay and David meet at a club. The guys convince Andy to dance and flirt with Nicky and get her to take him home for sex. The two end up a Nicky’s house for fun but are cut short but other circumstances.

  8. Jane Lynch. Jane Lynch plays Andy, Cal, Jay and David’s boss at the electronics store named Paula. Paula is extremely harsh towards the guys until she discovers that Andy is a virgin. She starts to share stories of her sexual conquests with Andy in hopes to flirt with him or to turn him on.

  9. Gerry Bednob. Gerry Bednob plays Mooj, a salesman at the electronics store where Andy works. He too is a witness to Andy’s admission of his virginity but finds it humorous that a man of 40 years old and continuously crack jokes on Andy and insult his other coworkers as well.

  10. Kat Dennings. Kat Dennings plays Trish’s teenage daughter who is having a hard time dealing with dating and her mother’s new relationship. She suspects that her mother is having sex and feels she should be able to have sex as well. She and Andy eventually form a bond because of his willingness to help her. 

The "40 Year Old Virgin" cast tells this unlikely story of finding love in a humorous and lively way. The movie is full of unlikely relationships, humorous moments and scenes that may not be appropriate for children. Parents should take care when allowing their children to watch the movie. 

-Erika McDaniel