The list of 10 really funny movies includes some of the best films ever made. Laughter is the best medicine, and getting hearty laughs over the course of two hours can make you feel fantastic. Though generally not as heavily regarded as dramas by critics, comedies are often some of the biggest money makers Hollywood puts out in a given year.

  1. “Some Like it Hot.” One of the great movies of all time, this really funny movie was made in the late 50s but is still hysterical today. Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis dress in drag to run away with a girl performing group to escape the mob. Bonus: You get to stare at Marilyn Monroe for two hours.

  2. “Young Frankenstein.” Certainly one of the ten really funny movies, this flick stars Gene Wilder as a modern day Dr. Frankenstein, a descendant of the infamous literary character. His monster is played hysterically by Peter Boyle. Not to be missed: their rendition of “Puttin’ on the Ritz.”

  3. “This is Spinal Tap.” This mockumentary dates from the 1970s and has been considered one of the ten really funny movies for a long time. Christopher Guest and buds play a fake heavy metal band that is being “filmed” for a “documentary.” The ad libbing skills of the cast are incredible.

  4. “Dodgeball.” This movie stars Vince Vaughn as the leader of a ragtag group that enters a volleyball contest to win enough money to save a gym. Ben Stiller plays the bad guy in this hysterical film, one of the ten really funny movies of all time. A priceless cameo by Lance Armstrong give Vaughn’s character the courage to lead the team to victory.  

  5. “Groundhog Day.” This is a classic comedy and one of the ten really funny movies. Bill Murray plays a cranky news reporter covering this winter event, and he gets stuck in a bizarre situation where he lives the day over and over and over. In order to break the spell, he has to learn not to be such a jerk and to show kindness to people.

  6. Shrek.” This is the anti-Disney animated movie. Shrek is a green ogre with a bad disposition. He gets caught up in a situation where he must rescue a princess and in the process, help her find true love, unintentionally finding himself in the middle of a fairy tale. But it’s a fairy tale with many subversive twists.

  7. “Shaun of the Dead.” Simon Pegg and his crew star in this funny take off on a revived genre: the zombie movie. It’s a quirky take-off on the zombie film, not at all a horror flick, but a funny romp as the gang tries to avoid the zombies, somewhat adhering to the standard zombie movie rules.

  8. “Bad Santa.” This Christmas movie is unlike any you’ve ever seen, with Billy Bob Thornton playing a drunk, angry Santa. He is actually a crook, working with a midget to rob the stores where they work. His hilarious banter with a little kid in the movie is side-splittingly funny.

  9. “Good Morning, Vietnam.” The incomparable Robin Williams plays a real-life Vietnam DJ who entertains the troops. His off-the-script ad libbing shows his comic genius, and the movie touches on difficult issues while being funny throughout.

  10. "The Hangover." Grossing nearly half a billion dollars, this movie took the world by storm in 2009. Starring Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms and Bradley Cooper as a group of guys trying to piece together a night that none of them can remember, the movie is a hysterical look at what happens when things get out of control.