These 10 Korean funny movies can make anyone laugh. Whether they are a romantic comedy or a pure all-out parody of other movies, these movies find humor in almost anything.

  1. "200 Pounds Beauty". When a pop singer decides to have a full-body makeover to obtain more recognition, the results are never what she expected. Her transformation causes comical problems as well as pushes her into true love. “200 Pounds Beauty” is a funny Korean movie.

  2. "My Little Bride." Sangmin hurries home after learning that his grandfather is dying, but his first task after landing on Korean soil is to follow a beautiful girl. As luck would have it, that girl is the one he’s known and had a crush on since he was a child. Hilarity ensues as Sangmin tries to balance his family’s grief with the love burgeoning in his heart. “My Little Bride” is an extremely funny Korean movie.

  3. "Windstruck." In “Windstruck” an unlikely duo forms when a female police officer and male school teacher find themselves running from high school kids and gun dealers alike. The laughs in this movie never seem to end, despite the somewhat dramatic ending.

  4. "Fun Movie." What makes this movie so funny is its parody of other, recent Korean comedies. Much like American movies along the same lines, this movie does not lack hilarious jabs at some of the country’s funniest films. “Funny Movie” is one a great Korean funny movie.

  5. "My Sassy Girl." Based on a blog and book of the same name, this movie follows a boy and girl who are circumstantially thrown together, and then cannot seem to get rid of each other. Over time, despite their mishaps and seeming disinterest in each other, the two realize that their seemingly random encounter might just have brought them their true love. “My Sassy Girl” is often recommended as one of the funnies Korean movies of all time.

  6. "My Wife is a Gangster." This 2001 movie was an international box office hit, so much in fact that it has two sequels. The film follows the famous Eun-jin as she defeats a nortorious army of gangsters. “My Wife is a Gangster” is one of the funniest Korean movies.

  7. "My Tutor Friend." Kim Ji-Hoon, the son of a wealthy family should be in college, but is instead only finishing up his high schooling. To help him along his parents hire an ambitious tutor, Su-Wan. Su-Wan is focused on earning her college tuition and helping her family. Su-Wan, though, seems unable to tutor Ji-Hoon no matter what she does. “My Tutor Friend” was a Korean box office hit, proving itself as one of the funniest Korean movies.

  8. "Crazy First Love." Tae-il Son falls in love with his professor’s daughter, and agrees to the professor’s terms that he finish law school prior to their marriage. As Tae-il struggles to complete his schooling, only to find himself seemingly thwarted at every move. The movie is one of the funniest Korean films.

  9. "Married to the Mafia."  Jang’s life is perfect: perfect job, perfect education, perfect life. Until he wakes up in bed with a woman he doesn’t know and can’t remember how he got there…and until her thre brothers visit him minutes later and insist that he marry her. Suddenly, Jang finds himself the husband of a mafia don’s daughter, and the troubles he gets in is more than hilarious. “Married to the Mafia” is one a hilarious Korean movie.

  10. "Attack the Gas Station." In this comedy, a group of boys take over a local gas station, disrupting the social order. What follows is an all-out brawl as authorities, adults and the boys struggle for control. “Attack the Gas Station” is one of the funniest Korean movies of all time.