These 10 great comedy movies 2009 will keep you laughing, if not groaning. What makes people laugh is very subjective, but with many of these, you cannot go wrong.

  1. "The Hangover" Three friends wake up after a bachelor party in Vegas to find the bachelor missing. The laughs don't stop as they try to retrace their steps and figure out where he is.

  2. "Couples Retreat" One couple with issues in their marriage convince three other couples to go with them on a retreat that is for troubled relationships. It is funny bordering on ridiculous, but is definitely good for some laughs.

  3. "The Invention of Lying" Fans of the dry humor found in comedies like "The Office" will like the humor in this movie. A down and out screenwriter finds he can get further by lying, and once he starts, he can't stop.

  4. "The Proposal" Sandra Bullock plays a high powered executive who is going to lose her visa if she doesn't get married. She forces her assistant played by Ryan Reynolds to marry her, and ends up visiting his eclectic family with him. Betty White steals the show in this one.

  5. "I Love You, Man" Paul Rudd plays a newly engaged guy who needs to find a friend to be the best man in his wedding. He meets and befriends Jason Segel's outrageous character for some of the greatest comedy moments of 2009.

  6. "Zombieland" "Zombieland" is a great combination of humor and horror. It is not a movie with a whole lot of substance, but it delivers laughs and horror for a perfect addition to the list of great comedy movies of 2009.

  7.  "extract" A comedy about the employees of at extract bottling company, "Extract" has some very funny scenes with Jason Bateman and Ben Affleck.

  8. "The Informant" Matt Damon is fantastic as usual in this movie about the vice president of a huge agribusiness who turns into a snitch. He spies on his co-workers for the government to help build their case against them for price fixing. This shows the darker side of the 2009 comedies.

  9. "UP" There are a few reasons this is on the great comedy movies of 2009 list. One is because of the obnoxious little boy who plays the wilderness explorer, and the other is the dog that can talk. It is very amusing to watch a movie that can give you insight on what dogs are really thinking.

  10. "Year One" "Year One" is filled with huge comic names like Jack Black and Oliver Platt that come together to make this very goofy comedy movie. This one may be stretching it as part of a great comedy movies list for 2009, but if you keep an open mind, anything with Jack Black can make you laugh..