These 10 funny Thai movies may not be for everyone. Many people have trouble understanding the jokes. But, there are those of us who do understand and appreciate the comedy in these movies. Here are ten funny Thai movies.

  1. “Headless Hero.” Following through with his father’s request, Diao heads to an isolated village to search for a friend. After gaining a certain amount of fame and love within the village, Diao acts as a hero by protecting those who are less fortunate, which attracts some unwanted attention from the gangsters of the village.

  2. “My Girl.” Starring Charlie Trairattana, “My Girl” deals with many of the issues that children face, including crushes and being forced to move away from friends when parents decide to relocate.

  3. “Hello Yasothorn 2.” This movie was both written and directed by Petchtai Wongkamlao. The stars are Petchtai Wongkamlao, Janet Khiew and Harin Suthamjarus. “Hello Yasothon 2” takes place a few years after the first “Hello Yasothon” and resumes the lives of the main characters.

  4.  “Kon Bai - The Movie.” Starring Mum Jokmok and Note Chernyim, “Kon Bai - The Movie” tells the story of Annie and her friends as they visit a village north of Thailand.

  5. “James Band.” Lor Tok is the main actor in this movie about a man who is asked to continue the secret mission of a dead man.

  6. “191 1/2 Crazy Cops.” Boonsong Nakphoo both directed and wrote this film, with the help of Soravit Chanasit. This movie is about two cops who must work together to solve a crime. Pairoj Jaisingha, Danai Samutkochorn and Buntita Thanwisate are the stars of this film.

  7. “Formalin Man.” The manager of a local band finds himself in debt and at risk of losing his band. “Formalin Man” was directed by Pakphum Wonjinda and stars Ekkachai Srivichai, Pimpan Chalaikupp and Suta Galamit.

  8. “Kung Fu Tootsie.” Three mafia gangs struggle for power in this Thai comedy movie, starring Sittichai Pabchompoo, Koti Arambawy and Charoenporn Awnlamai. Jaturong Mokjok wrote and directed this film.

  9. “7 Days to Leave My Wife.” A Thai man has been married to his boring wife for seven years. This movie was directed by Torpong Tunkamhang and stars Samapon Piyapongsiri, Suwatjanee Chaimusik and Benjawan Artner.

  10. “Pattaya Maniac.” This is a 2004 comedy romance movie, directed and written by Yuthlert Sippapak and starring Choosak Iamsook, Somchai Kemglad and Pitchanart Sakakorn. A man who sells Buddha amulets falls in love with a woman who has been paid to seduce him.