The top 10 funny short movies include classic names such as Charlie Chaplin, the Three Stooger and Laurel and Hardy. The funny short movie was at its height of popularity before and during the golden age of movies. If you have not seen the top 10 funny short movies of all time, you need to check them out.

  1. "You Nazty Spy!" (1940) - The Three Stooges. In the late 1930's and early 1940's many comedians were taking shots at Adolph Hitler and the Nazi Party. The Three Stooges created the country of Moronica and really laid into the Nazis like few other comedians ever had.

  2. "Disorder In The Court" (1936) - The Three Stooges. This member of the list of 10 funny short movies is just pure chaos. The Three Stooges are asked to be witnesses in a trial and the court does not appreciate their version of answering the question. This one includes the classic bit with Curly trying to hold on to his hat while raising his right hand.

  3. "Gents Without Cents" (1944) - The Three Stooges. The Three Stooges created many memorable bits, but "Gents Without Cents" (1944) makes the list of the top 10 funny short movies of all time because of the famous Niagara Falls bit. The Three Stooges did not write the bit about slowly turning when hearing the name Niagara Falls, but they made it famous.

  4. "Malice in the Palace" (1949) - The Three Stooges. This was the first Three Stooges short with Moe's brother Shemp. Shemp shows why he was asked to replace ailing brother Curly as Shemp's facial expressions steal this movie.

  5. "The Music Box" (1932) - Laurel and Hardy. The majority of this hilarious member of the list of the top 10 funny short movies of all time is Laurel and Hardy trying to push a piano up a flight of stairs. Of course they fail, but not before Oliver Hardy gets what is coming to him just as he did in every short.

  6. "Helpmates" (1932) - Laurel and Hardy. Oliver Hardy had a party and now his house is in shambles. He pleads with Stan Laurel to come over and help him clean up before Oliver's wife gets home. What takes place is 12 minutes of falling out the window classic comedy.

  7. "The Tramp" (1915) - Charlie Chaplin. This is not the first time we see Charlie Chaplin's Little Tramp character, but it is the first time the Little Tramp is featured in a funny short movie. It is what Chaplin does best; a simple plot that he turns into comedy gold.

  8. "The Immigrant" (1917) - Charlie Chaplin. This is an extremely funny film and worthy of its place on the list of the top 10 funny short movies of all time. But it is also the beginning of Chaplin's attempts to put political messages in his movies, and it dates some of the comedy. It is still extremely funny, it can just be hard to follow in spots.

  9. "Laughing Gas" (1914) - Charlie Chaplin. Imagine one of the greatest comedians of all time doing a funny short about laughing gas in a dentist's office. This movie only takes place on one set, but it is 16 of the funniest minutes ever captured on film.

  10. "His Wedding Night" (1917) - Buster Keaton / Fatty Arbuckle. When Buster Keaton and Fatty Arbuckle teamed up for a short film, it almost did not matter what the plot was. This is a fast-moving comedy about two men in love with the same lady and what happens when they decide to compete for her love.