These 10 funny romantic movies will make you laugh and maybe even cry. Funny romantic movies are perfect date movies since both of you can enjoy the film. The following are the best funny romantic movies of the last several years.

  1. "When Harry Met Sally". The dialogue shines in this funny romantic movie about two college acquaintances (Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal) that fate keeps reuniting. The dialogue between these two unlikely friends makes you wish you were that clever in real life.

  2. "You’ve Got Mail". This classic funny romantic movie stars Meg Ryan, this time co-starring with the likeable Tom Hanks. The two meet online and anonymously send emails to each other until he finds out who she is. He woos her in spite of the fact that his mega bookstore put her little bookshop of business.

  3. "Notting Hill". Another bookstore owner, Hugh Grant, runs a small bookshop in Notting Hill in London. The famous American actress, played by Julia Roberts, stops by and eventually ends up turning his life upside down. This funny romantic movie is made even better by the physical humor of Grant.

  4. "Runaway Bride". Julia Roberts stars with Richard Gere in this hit movie about a girl who has a reputation for leaving her grooms at the altar. Gere falls for her anyway and then waits to see if he will be another one of her victims. In this funny romantic movie both give performances that have us believing they could actually be a couple.

  5. "Love Actually". Eight couples face their own relationship dilemmas just before Christmas. This film, set in London features Hugh Grant as the handsome single Prime Minister who falls for a secretary.

  6. "My Best Friend’s Wedding". Julia Robert’s is back in this film as the guarded best friend. Her male friend, played by Dermot Mulroney, gets engaged to the character played by Cameron Diaz. This shocks her into realizing that he is the one for her. The film shows her hilarious journey to try and win him for herself.

  7. "Bridget Jones’s Diary". A neurotic unsure young woman (Renée Zellweger) confides her fears to her diary. Her attempts to find true love while staying sane make for entertaining scenarios. Hugh Grant and Collin Firth both play her love interests in the funny romantic movie.

  8. "Moonstruck". Cher is remarkable as a bookkeeper turn swan who can’t decide between her steady fiancé and his brother the intense baker (Nicholas Cage).Her Italian family and the drama that ensues makes this one of the classic funny romantic movies.

  9. "Sweet Home Alabama". Reese Witherspoon is Melanie Spooter who has reinvented herself after fleeing her small town Alabama home. She’s forced to come back home and face her past. Her stormy relationship with her ex, the Dreamy Josh Lucas, makes for some funny moments.

  10. "My Big Fa Greek Wedding". This movie was the breakout movie for the very funny Nia Vardarlos, who wrote this film that became a huge hit. In this funny romantic movie she plays a Greek girl who is expected to marry a Greek boy and make Greek babies. Until she meets a non-Greek man and transforms herself in to the woman she always wanted to be.