The top 10 funny movie monologues helped to make the movies they were in box office successes. Comedy can sometimes be more difficult to pull off than drama. That is why the list of top 10 funny movie monologues is full of special movie moments.

  1. "Animal House" (1978). This was a ground-breaking comedy that has one of the top 10 funny movie monologues of all time. When John Belushi suggested that it wasn't over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor, everyone had to start laughing.

  2. "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" (1989). Chevy Chase has several funny monologues in this movie, but only one makes the list of top 10 funny movie monologues of all time. When Chase starts to describe his boss and compares his boss to a bag of monkey droppings, he creates a very funny scene.

  3. "Top Secret!" (1984). This was an early Val Kilmer film that sometimes gets lost in discussions about the actor's career. When actress Lucy Gutteridge describes the main character's situation as being part of a bad movie and then everyone looks at the camera, you have one of the top 10 funny movie monologues of all time.

  4. "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective" (1994). When the football coach is killed under mysterious circumstances, the police cannot figure it out. But when Ace Ventura (JIm Carrey) takes a deep breath and delivers a monologue describing his interpretation of the crime in one long breath you have one of the funniest monologues ever delivered.

  5. "Ed Wood" (1994). Ed Wood was a bad movie director from the 1950's, but he became enough of a cult figure for Tim Burton to make a movie about him. In the movie, Johnny Depp delivers a comedy monologue as Ed Wood describing his next movie to an interested investor that also owns a meat plant. The end result is comedy genius.

  6. "Airplane!" (1980). This is one of the greatest comedy movies ever made, and it contains one of the top 10 funny movie monologues ever delivered as well. Leslie Neilsen plays Dr. Rumack who assures patients that the pilots of the plane are perfectly healthy as the good doctor's nose grows just like Pinnochio.

  7. "Animal Crackers" (1930). Groucho Marx was known to just start going off on a scene if he felt the inspiration. At the beginning of this comedy classic, Marx goes off on a tangent about his character's safari trip to Africa and winds up with an elephant in his pajamas.

  8. "Beetlejuice" (1988). The dead couple that hires Beetlejuice to get rid of the humans in their home asks to hear Beetlejuice's credentials. By the time Michael Keaton is done delivering his comedy monologue, we are all wondering how funny "The Exorcist" (1973) really was.

  9. "Blazing Saddles" (1974). The monologue that Cleavon Little gives just as he is introducing himself as the new sheriff of the small town of Rock Ridge is funny on two fronts. Little's delivery is perfect, and the reaction of the townspeople around him helps to add to the humor.

  10. "Coming to America" (1988). Eddie Murphy plays so many roles in this movie that it is easy to lose track. His monologue as the old barber explaining how he met Dr. Martin Luther King was quick but extremely funny.